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New Here...need Advice!

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Looking at your list of symptoms, I notice several that I had a particularly hard time with--especially the paresthesia, muscle pain, and bruising. You should definitely get your B12 checked if it wasn't, because it can be responsible for paresthesia, numbness, and tingling in your feet and hands.

As for the muscle pain and bruising, I'm sure many people on this forum have ideas. I can only tell you what worked for me. Of course, easy bruising can be related to low Vitamin K or iron anemia, but there can be other causes. I read a book about four years ago entitled, "The Hidden Story of Cancer," since I'd had breast cancer. The book discussed how low oxygen levels in our cells is the root cause of cancer (which is an accepted theory in medical school these days, even though it was first discovered back in 1939). The author, Brian Peskin, claimed that by taking a particular ratio of Parent Essential Oils (Omega 6 to Omega 3), a person's cellular oxygen level would rise. He also maintained that, because of this high cellular oxygenation, one's muscles would no longer be painful after exercise and would recuperate faster. Also, bruising would lessen...and he claimed that the oils would also protect skin from burning. I thought that these claims were probably not completely true, but I was willing to try the mix of oils to see if I could keep the cancer at bay. Well, let me tell you--I'm a complete believer now! As long as I take the recommended dosage of oils in my smoothie every day, my muscles no longer hurt and I can exercise, jog, and do heavy gardening with absolutely NO PAIN afterwards. My husband and mother also take the oils, and all three of us have had serious falls in the past few years, and we were all stunned to discover that we ended up with no bruises. My knee was extremely swollen after falling down the stairs (from the top stair all the way to the bottom, hitting my knees, elbows and head repeatedly over and over), but it never colored, nor did my other painful areas end up with bruises. The same thing happened to both my husband and mother--they were completely floored by the absence of bruises after their hard falls. Yeah, I guess we're a family of klutzes, but that's for another posting. As for sunburns, I no longer get them. I haven't used sunscreen in four years because I don't even get a light blush from spending hours in the sun here in California. I visited my daughter in Australia last year, which is near the equator, and she warned me to slather on sunscreen before going on a four-hour coastal walk along the beaches, but I refused. She slathered on the stuff even though she's dark complected like her father, and after the walk, SHE had a sunburn and I was not even faintly burned. And, no, I wasn't wearing a hat.

So, if you'd like to try the ratio of oils to help your muscles (and I'm not promising that it will because your case may be different from mine, but it's a natural and inexpensive remedy that might be worth trying), all you have to do is mix 1/2 teaspoon of organic flaxseed oil and 3/4 teaspoon of either organic safflower oil or grapeseed oil into a glass of juice or a smoothie. If you add it to a smoothie, add it AFTER you pour it into the glass; otherwise, it'll make your blender sticky and difficult to clean. The ratio you should take is between 1:1 and 2.5:1 Omega 6s to Omega 3s. The oils I've suggested will do just that--without reading the book, you could end up taking the wrong oils and that's why I've listed them for you so that you'll take the right ratio.

Good luck...and if you end up taking the oils and feel relief, please post again and share your success. I wish more people with celiac knew of this simple remedy for some of their symptoms.

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Yep, there's a big difference. I don't understand WHY they need to put gluten in some foods made in US but not Canada and vice versa. I see that your list has tomato soup. If I'm ever in Canada I might have to buy some tomato soup because I miss Campbell's tomato soup. Last summer I made my own tomato soup with roasted tomatoes fresh from my garden and it was wonderful! But I still miss Campbell's which was the soup I grew up on. I just console myself by thinking that it probably would taste bad to me now since I haven't eaten canned soup for almost a year (I had some Progresso back when I could do dairy and it was gross. I still have some Progresso soup in my huricane emergency box but my hubby will have to eat it).

I'm at a loss as to why the regular condensed tomato soup has gluten but the condensed tomato soup with herbs added is gluten free. How annoying.


Busy mom to 3 great kids (4, 8 and 18)

Gluten free since April 6, 2011 ~ Also sensitive to coconut, coffee and food dyes

Joint pain, mouth sores, back and neck pain, migraines, stomach pain, chronic fatigue, ADD and depression are all gone.
Wishing I had been diagnosed before celiac robbed me of the cartilage in my toes and the 3 babies we lost to miscarriages.

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What about vitamin D,B12,magnesium ,potassium, iron levels??

OMG, yes! He didn't check for vitamin levels at ALL? *long, extended bout of disgusted cursing over ignorant doctors*


Re: everyone going gluten free. If you eat a lot of processed foods and you are looking for replacements for these, yes, it will be expensive. If you go to whole foods, then it's not, but it's more work for the cook, obviously.

However, all your kids should be tested for this disease now, too. And your siblings. And your parents. They are in a MUCH higher risk category for this. With a 1st degree relative having celiac disease, their chances are 1 in 22 rather than the 1 in 130 of the general population. It's recommended that they all be tested every few years for this, as well, as the disease can trigger at any time.

And if the doc didn't recommend this, then once again he wins the 'ignoramus' award. <_<

With my family, my father was diagnosed and no one ever mentioned to test everyone else. 8 years later, as I'm getting sicker and sicker (without any gut symptoms), I get diagnosed because I asked for the test. And when we found out I had it too, we tested everyone else. My brother and my daughter came back positive, and the other child had a negative test, but when the whole house went gluten free, suddenly symptoms he had suddenly disappeared.

My daughter's only really noticeable symptoms were periodic exhaustion, a little insomnia, and she was a pretty emotional kid, sometimes bordering on depression. My son's symptoms were a toddler melon-belly that lasted past toddlerhood, short stature, and anger issues.

Definitely worth getting the tests done.


Gluten free since August 10, 2009.
21 years with undiagnosed Celiac Disease

23 years with undiagnosed sulfite sensitivity

25 years with undiagnosed mast cell activation disorder (MCAD) 


Daughter: celiac and MCAD positive

Son: gluten intolerant
Father, brother: celiac positive

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Thank you rosetapper23! I will definitely try the oils; just made me a list!

I am calling my pediatrician today to ask about getting my boys tested. I pray that none of them have it! Thanks for the advice!

I go to my family doctor tomorrow and I really hope I don

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I'm glad you're going to try the oils--I think you'll feel a lot better. If you can't find organic safflower oil or grapeseed oil, I've found that I still get benefits from the brands that aren't organic. They should be cold-pressed, though. Also, it's important to know that organic oils need to be refrigerated.

As for tests, you might ask your doctor to throw in a thyroid test for good measure. Many of us have thyroid issues, and fatigue and muscle soreness can be the result.

Good luck to you! And please let us know how you're doing, okay?

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I went to my regular family doctor. He really isn't a doctor at all and certaintly not a GI doctor; he is a PA! He is awesome! He took his time and explained things to me. He told me I was definitely not getting enough carbs and that was helping to make me feel worse! He told me to eat potatoes. He also had me get more labs drawn to check my iron, B12 and Ferritin.

My B12 is 311. Some things I read this is ok and some it is pretty low? Also my ferritin is 22? Seems low but I am definitely not the expert! Can anyone clarify this for me? (I haven't talked to him about it yet; I got the results before he did)

My iron is alright at 109!

Thanks a bunch guys!

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