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San Diego Restaurants

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I am traveling soon to San Diego (will be staying in Old Town area) but will have car and can drive to other areas. I am just looking for good suggestions for resturants with gluten free menus. Anything would be helpful! I've never been to San Diego!

Thanks in advance!

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Darissa - Here's some information I've come up with.

Rated well by individuals with gluten intolerance AND gluten-free menu: Roy's

Rated well by individuals with gluten intolerance: Sammy's California Woodfired, Cups, Poseidon Restaurants

Gluten-free menu and rated well by food-allergic diners (somewhat similar needs): Old Spaghetti Factory, Chili's, Claim Jumper Restaurant

Note that the rated restaurants each only had 1 rating, so consider them more like personal recommendations from anonymous gluten-free diners.

Good luck. Be well. Eat safe!

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