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Celiac Reaction To Hard & Soft Cheese?!?

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If I hadn't been extremely careful with my diet, I would have less upset about being "glutenized". As it is, I barely eat anything with my terror of developing new allergies. Gluten causes a severe pain in my left side and a distinctive D, not to be confused with with lactose intolerance, which I have experienced also, and this is not what I currently am experiencing. I know I have not ingested any gluten knowingly in over a month. I check all lables so carefully. The cheeses I ate were sent as a Christmas gift and are labled "Jim's Cheese Pantry". I tried the Cheddar, Colby, Jack & Pepper-Jack. Now I feel miserable. At least the pain is on the left and not the right; but I was kinda hoping for a better Christmas. :(

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Probably not gluten that "got ya" , unless it says WHEAT on the label??

My guess is the lactose. Stay off the dairy for a while, hon. If you're newly DXed, it's secondary lactose intolerance. It will resolve in time. Most celiacs can tolerate dairy in a few months. It took me longer, but I was very sick for a long time before DX.

What concerns me more is your statement that you" barely eat anything because you are afraid of more allergies"... why on earth do you think that will happen? Don't read any alarmist information that makes you fearful of food.

Multiple allergists and intolerances do NOT automatically result because of celiac.

Just continue to read labels, avoid gluten ---and dairy if it is bothering you----and eat fresh fruits, veggies and proteins. Stop worrying! :)

You likely have some discomfort from the dairy, but it will pass.

Happy Christmas.

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I am sorry that you are in pain. I hope it passes quickly. I see that you mention that your lactose reaction feels distinctly different than what you are feeling now. I looked up Jim's Pantry online. http://www.jimscheesepantry.com/Default.htm

I used to live near there and go to those outlet stores. What a coincidence. Are you someone who has problems with cross contamination when the production facilities aren't dedicated? I see that they also make sausage. Some sausages contain gluten containing ingredients so it is possible that there might have been some cross contamination. If dedicated facilities aren't necessary for you, that shouldn't be the explanation.

Some cheese is made with gluten containing ingredients, for instance beer cheese: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beer_cheese_%28spread%29. It would have to be on the label in the case of wheat as IrishHeart stated.

I am glad to say that in the over 4 years since diagnosis, neither my two children or I have developed additional allergies. Hopefully that will put your mind at rest a bit.

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