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Promethius Testing?

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I am sort of backwards from everyone here. I feel fine, no real symptoms but my Dr's are convinced I have Celiac. My orginial bloodwork was correct but my amylase was high. went to a GI Dr. and since my daughter has has it and is positive for the dQ8 gene and my size he thinks I have it but b/c I eat partially gluten-free the regular testing isn't showing it. Also, I do have some symptoms but I didn't realize it. for instance since going mostly gluten-free, now I can't eat whole wheat or donuts, bagels, etc, or I get a belly ache and diarrhea. But I CAN eat white bread, a sub from subway, etc. But other than that I'm fine!

So what is the Promethius testing? What makes it better? does it test more? i really don't want to have it. is it THAT unusual to be 5'8" and 110 lbs, LOL!!!?? If I DO start eating gluten-free am I going to gain weight? I've been this size my entire life (other than pregnancies).


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I don't know about the testing.

Your daughter has celiac. She has to inherit from her mother or father...or both. That means you probably DO have celiac, especially if your doctor thinks you do.

At 110lbs...your BMI is below healthy. If you do happen to gain weight it would be because your body would be absorbing MORE nutrients, which would NOT be a bad thing at all.

Untreated Celiac, by continuing to eat gluten can lead to health problems including cancer.

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Listen to your daughter.

Your symptoms indicate a gluten intolerance --otherwise, you would not have any ANY symptoms when reintroducing more gluten.

It does not matter if the bread is white or dark (whole wheat)--wheat is wheat, hon.

Prometheus labs test for gluten sensitivity, celiac panels and does genetic testing. My doctor used this lab. It was covered by insurance with a co-pay.

If I were you, I'd have the testing done. Undiagnosed Celiac nearly killed me.

You could have major complications from being undiagnosed. Read about Silent Celiac and the genetic component.

The size of your waistline would be the least of your problems if you were to develop more serious symptoms. But, to answer your question, no you would not necessarily gain that much weight as long as you eat healthy foods. But at 5'8" , 110--you are probably pretty thin.

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