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I came across some fantastic information about quinoa farming and potential gluten cross contamination concerns investigated for Kosher for Passover requirements here:


I found the information invaluable in possibly understanding why I have had issues with past quinoa consumption.

And now I wonder if Kosher for Passover resources are something that would help me identify truly gluten free food resources. Insight into Kosher for Passover resources for gluten free diet concerns would be appreciated. I certainly appreciate the information shared about quinoa farming practices!

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I have not thought about quinoa not being Kosher for Passover, guess I am gonna have to reconsider that. Passover is hard enough and being gluten-free makes it a bit tougher. I am just glad I can eat the oat matzoh. Thanks for the info, time to change the menu for passover.

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Wow, this was in that reference " It was also recently discovered that some farmers cover their quinoa with barley and/or oats to keep the birds from eating the quinoa while it dries."

Maybe that's why I have had problems with some quinoa sources. I wish that there would be more research into farming practices and the impact that they can have on the gluten free diet.

I should mention that I am sensitive to crazy low levels of gluten. Those of you who aren't shouldn't have any problem with these farming practices.

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