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I am new to this forum, I have an 8 year old dd that was diagnosed in December of 2009 with Celiac. I just had a celiac panel run on my son who will be 3 next week, he had been complaining of leg pain to the point that it was waking him at night and he was refusing to walk at times. I remember that my dd used to wake up in the night with leg pain also.....well I got the test results and the Dr. who drew them is very knowledgable on many areas, he specialized in internal medicine, family practice and allergy, his concensus is that the results were negative, but after getting a copy faxed to me I am inclined to disagree....

Has anyone had just a high IgA result and the other results be negative??

Here are the numbers:

Endomysial IGA - Value: Negative

Gliadin Peptide Screen: Value - 2.3 ref range is: 0.0-19.9 so that is negative

IgA: Value - 121 Flag: H ref range: 20-100

Tissue Transglutaminase IgA: Value - 2.8 ref range is: 0.0-19.9 so also negative

My 9 year olds results when we found out was just on test positive on the Endomysial IGA said: Positive, then we did the biopsy to confirm.

I have a call into the GI to see. But my gut says positive and will probably be in for a biopsy....am I being overcautious because of the past and it taking 6 years to diagnose my dd???? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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Total IgA being high probably doesn't mean Celiac....but I am not well versed on the differences between kids/ adults IgA... Mine was only 106 which according to the reference range from the lab was "normal" but most info out there says the average adult is around 200.... So my pcp dis some more labs (my ttg-iga was begative but my deamidated gliadin -IgA wa over 100 so very positive)

While lookinf for my own answers, I found this chart in the reference ranges for kids:

Table. IgA Reference Ranges in Children and Adults

Age mg/dL

Cord blood 1-3

1 mo 2-43

2-5 mo 3-66

6-9 mo 7-66

10-12 mo 12-75

1-3 y 24-121

4-6 y 33-235

7-9 y 41-368

10-11 y 64-246

12-13 y 70-432

14-15 y 57-300

≥16 y 81-463

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It's hard to get a + blood test in a child - especially a 3 year old.

If there's a + of any type, with the family history, that's a huge red flag. Biopsy if you feel best but I'd bet you've got another gluten problem.

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