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What Are Sals? And How Do They Affect Dh?

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I've seen several references to SALS on recent posts. What are they? and how do they affect DH? My son was diagnosed a year ago, and we have been gluten free since then. However, he still struggles with breakouts and I can't determine what they are from? Desperately trying to get it under control for him. So, I am curious what are SALS?


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"Sals" refers to items containing significant amounts of salicylic acid salts. Salicylates are found in many fruits and vegetables, as well in common pain relief medications. Aspirin and ibuprofen (one brand is Advil) are salicylates. Salicylates are stomach irritants. An alternative analgesic is acetaminophen (paracetamol) -- it won't bother your stomach, but don't use it if you have liver issues.

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Here are some links to learn about what foods contain high sals, medium sals & low sals.





With people with dh, anything that is an irritant to the skin can keep the dh going. Sort of like since the skin is already fired up then anything else just makes things worse. Some of us have to go low sal.

Another thing & what is more often the cause (before sals come into the picture) is iodine. There is a documented connection between iodine & aggravation or perhaps more correctly iodine being a catalyst for the gluten/antibody dh flare. If one could eliminate iodine intake forever then one could quite likely eliminate the flare of the dh. But we can not eliminate iodine forever & it would not be a bright idea to do so even if we could. So we go low iodine temporarily. Now, I say this with much caution since we are talking about your son & I have no idea how old he is. A child requires higher iodine intake than adults in terms of RDA of iodine. So caution would be the word in that respect. I would advise you to check with his doctor before doing something like that. Here is info. on low iodine.


Again, I would ask his doctor before going low iodine with him.

Ask any questions at any time. We are helping each other through this maze & always willing to impart things we have learned.

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