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This resaurant was the only one that I could find on google and I cant say enough good things about it. I asked for a gluten free menu and a manager came out, took my order, and was extremely nice. The food was great and when I ordered the hamburger without a bun she stopped me and said they have gluten free buns. Earlier in the day i almost broke down and ate a burger from mcdonalds. I feel like crying right now I'm so happy. If you live in this area or have a lulu's nearby, please show them support.

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the mahi mahi taco's are the best... I'm lucky to live about 6 miles from Lulu's....

and they do take great care for you there... and if your lucky and you are here when her brother is in town...(Jimmy Buffet )the place is a music hot spot when he plays

she has come a long way from the orginal location...also if you look at the menu you will find she likes to use local produce and organic beef from a farm here in alabama

if you in town let me know and i can give you other eating out options...i have a few stand by ones that we go to....

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