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Cravings A Sign Of Being Glutened?

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I have been feeling a bit off since Friday, but figured it was just my period and being (normally) tired with small kids.

Yesterday I couldn't stop eating and didn't feel full, and had no energy. This morning the D arrived. Not too bad, but not good.

Does anyone else get major (carb, sugar) cravings when glutened?

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Have just replied to a similar topic - and yes, one of my symptoms from getting cc'd is wanting to eat.

Pre-gluten free I had problems with eating, well for years. Now I know, it's a glutened sign.

The 'wanting to eat' isn't hunger, in fact eating (more gluten) in the past made it worse.

Sounds like you could have been cc'd.

Sugar/carbs can get me going too - I have to eat regular good protein.

Hope you feel better soon :) .

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Even before I was diagnosed, for a lot of my life I've had a burning in my stomach that I always mistook for hunger pangs. So I would eat. And eat... hoping to make the "pangs" go away.

I think now it was really the heartburn that comes with being glutened, because the only other time it disappeared before going gluten-free was when I was on a low carb diet. Now it makes sense. To me, wheat = hunger.

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