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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Halloween Party & Thanksgiving Planning

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To see what I'm planning to cook for [size="3"][color="#a0522d"][b]Thanksgiving[/b][/color][/size] this year, with links to recipes, click [url="http://glutenfreebreeze.blogspot.com/2011/10/preparing-gluten-free-thanksgiving.html"]here[/url]. I got ideas from magazines as well as from the Gluten Free Expo in Norcross, GA, last weekend.

I'm throwing my first [size="3"][color="#ff8c00"][b]Halloween Party[/b][/color][/size], and these are the gluten free Halloween snacks I'm serving:
[list][*]Chocolate tombstones and witches fingers I'm making from molds where you melt and put food coloring in the chocolate to paint different parts of the design various colors. Gummy worms and candy will make up the cemetery[*]Maybe??cute gluten-free ice cream cone cupcakes frosted with chocolate sprinkled with Butterfinger for an orange note[*]gluten-free pretzels dipped in chocolate, dipped in Nerds candy[*]creepy mice (a different version than the one I made in the past)- see recipe & picture [url="http://homecooking.about.com/od/dessertrecipes/r/blcandy25.htm"]here[/url].[*]Chee-tos[*]pumpkin hummus from a gluten-free magazine recipe, served with celery and other veggies[*]red hots[*]reeses pieces[*]Laffy Taffy[*]some kind of savory prosciutto-wrapped appetizer[*]wondering what creepy c%$#$tail I can come up with[*]hot spiced cider[*]As for costumes, I'm just going to use an old one. Perhaps Dolly Pardon or USO girl. Was also considering Shotgun Bride (pregnant, trashy).[/list][size="4"][color="#8b0000"]Happy Fall, Y'all![/color][/size]
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