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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Where In Your Stomach Does It Hurt When You Have Been Glutened?

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I have 20 years of gluten symptoms, have a history of Fibromylagia and CFS. I went to a new doctor, a nurse practitioner actually. She wasn't satisfied with just a Fibro/CFS diagnosis and decided to test me for Celiac and I tested positive on a TTG-IGA antibody test. My NP diagnosed me with Celiacs without any further testing and told me if I want to live, stop eating gluten. I decided to go for another opinion and went to see a GI. I had a negative upper endoscopy and set of negative genetic blood tests. Celiac was ruled out and non-celiac gluten sensitivity was given as my new diagnosis plus Fibromylagia.

I am not 100% convinced gluten is my issue...

During all this testing, the GI found I had Gastritis, inflammation in my stomach and bleeding. I was put on prescription Prilosac. This was found to be caused by years of use of non-steroid anti-inflamitories. I stoped the anti-inflams and started taking the Prilosac. My stomach felt better at first, I am also 100% gluten free now. It's been about 4 weeks and I'm not better. All of the sudden, after eating certain meals, I started having symptoms again. First it's massive upper stomach pain, like a knawing pain, like someone is stabbing my upper stomach with knives. Then I get gas, burping, then a little while later it almost stimulates my constipation and I go to the bathroom. Not diareah but I go and it's loose, normally I never go. I also get a sour taste in my mouth almost every time I eat.

My struggle now is trying to figure out if this stomach pain is from me being so super sensitive to gluten cross contamination (the stomach issues seem to happen every time I eat out or get takeout) or if it's from the gastritis not yet healing. The stomach pains seem to only happen at a later in the day meal like lunch or dinner, possibly the Prilosac is wearing off by the afternoon? So confused and just want to figure this out. I called my GI and he added a second dose of the Prilosac to my daily regimen. I have taken it the last three days. The first day I took the second dose, I still had the stomach issues. Yesterday and today, I had no reaction. Yesterday I ate out at a restaurant and today I got gluten free pizza take out. I was fine. I guess if I can have a week of consecutive non-reactions, I can test my stomach with gluten and then I would know.

I am looking for any opinions about this and also, if you have Celiac or non-Celiac GS, when you get stomach pain, is it in your lower stomach or is it in your upper stomach?



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Restaurant food is usually fatty and saltier than homemade. Perhaps that is your issue? Maybe some of that makes the gastritis worse?


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You might want to read about the side affects of prilosec.


What's significant in your story to me is that your symptoms changed when you went gluten-free.  When a person stops eating gluten there shouldn't be any big change in their digestion unless they are having some kind of response to gluten in the first place.   That your symptoms changed means something was going on related to gluten.


Going gluten-free doesn't instantly heal the body.  It can take months or even years to heal the digestive system.  In the beginning of the gluten-free diet people often report symptoms getting better and then worse.  While the gut is healing it is in an unsettled state and things may not work out just perfect with digestion.  Over time things tend to get better.  Quickly for some people but slowly for others.  We aren't all the same.


Did you get copies of your test results?  You should get paper copies to keep for your records.  Plus some people on the forum have good advice about interpreting results.  Pain can vary from person to person.   I had pain in my stomach but also had pain in my abdomen from gut inflammation.  Some people with celiac have no symptoms at all.  They are called silent celiacs.  So identifying celiac just from symptoms can be difficult since they vary so much between individuals.


Acid blockers can cause problems for people.  Stomach acid is there to help digest foods and also kill incoming bad bacteria etc.  So lowering the acid strength can let those bad critters in and get a foothold.  Plus digestion is hurt by the food not being broken down by the acid.


Sometimes stomach pain is caused by excessive gassiness.  That can be relieved by avoiding sugars and carbs, taking probiotics, and drinking peppermint tea.  Learning to live with celiac disease can take a while, but it gets much better after you are familiar with the gotchas.


Some tips for the first 6 months:


Get tested before starting the gluten-free diet.
Get your vitamin/mineral levels tested also.
Don't eat in restaurants
Eat only whole foods not processed foods.
Eat only food you cook yourself, think simple foods, not gourmet meals.
Take probiotics.
Take gluten-free vitamins.
Take digestive enzymes.
Avoid dairy if it causes symptoms.
Avoid sugars and starchy foods. They can cause bloating.
Avoid alcohol.
Watch out for cross contamination.

Helpful threads:

FAQ Celiac com

Newbie Info 101


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Sorry that you've been unwell.  :(


My stomach pain was usually fairly sharp and in the upper part of my belly - well above the belly button but below the ribs. Combined with the bloating, it was sometimes difficult to stand up straight so I spent a lot of time "casually" leaning over counters and chairs to hide my discomfort.   :rolleyes:


My symptoms did come and go. Some days were better than others, and some months were worse than others. The only reason I ever figured it out to be celiac disease was because my son, who is suspected of mild aspergers, was having stomach issues and I stumbled across the link between gluten intolerance and autism, and then applied it to myself... Anyway, the point of my ramblings is that symptoms aren't static, they change.


I agree with the others that a week or so gluten-free is not enough.  I still had symptoms resolving at over 6 months gluten-free.  You'll need a lot longer before you can be sure.


Did they ever decide why you had a positive tTG IgA if it wasn't celiac disease? A weak positive tTG IgA can also be caused by thyroiditis, diabetes, chronic liver disease, crohn's, colitis and a serious infection, but that's only in 5% of positive cases.  As a general rule, if you have symptoms and a positive test, it's celiac disease, even if there is a negative biopsy - false negatives really are not rare.


Best wishes. I hope you feel well soon.


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I tend to get a sharp an persistent stabbing pain around my abdomen which starts at the base of my rib cage and later spreads downwards to encompass the whole belly area....


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when you have gluten issues, it is not enough to stop eating gluten. there are other things you need to do, including modifying your diet further, beyond not eating gluten. you have autoimmune issues and very strict diet is a part of healing. what diet would fit you, I cannot say. people usaully start with strick paleo and add.

gut flora is the second thing you may want to think about. rebuilding it with good bacteria with probiotics.

leaky gut is there, too.

the point is that there might be few things that you may want to try. I, personally, would stay away from prilosec because of the side-effects and, as I understand it, it can help you only in the short run.


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when you have gluten issues, it is not enough to stop eating gluten. there are other things you need to do, including modifying your diet further, beyond not eating gluten.


I disagree.  This may be true of many people - especially those who have gone a long time without a diagnosis and those who have really crappy diets to begin with.  But stopping eating gluten is the only mandatory action for a Celiac or NCGI person.  Digestive enzymes, probiotics, a whole foods diet - all of that is great and can really speed up the healing process - but you can't say that it is required of everyone.  I don't think that it is accurate to say that "usually" people start with a strict paleo diet either.  Some do, yes - but I highly doubt that it is the majority. 

(I just don't want new folks to read your post and get the wrong idea.)


I know for me, all I changed in my diet was to eliminate gluten.  Nothing else changed.  I didn't have to give up dairy or anything else.  I don't tend to eat much processed crap, so I just kept on not eating much processed crap.  And I've taken digestive enzymes and probiotics for years - so I just kept taking them.  And I'm doing great.


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    • I'll be going on vacation to Europe for a few weeks in June, and there will likely be times that I can't avoid gluten - or at least can't confirm the food is gluten-free it in every case.  There might even be a time when I really want to try something that may have gluten.  I'm fortunate enough that even though I've been diagnosed with Celiac disease, the symptoms are fairly mild - just a bit of diarrhea, generally, and so it's fairly tolerable.  I would, of course, try to avoid gluten whenever possible. My question is: I know I'm doing damage to my intestinal villi when I eat gluten-containing foods, but is it a big deal if I eat those foods for just a few days, or on and off for a week or two, and then return to my regular gluten-free diet afterwards? Thanks for your thoughts. Cheers.
    • Post thought here, how much gluten were you eating for your challenge? You do know only have to eat like 1-2 crackers like a saltine, wheat thin, or ritz a day or a half slice of bread. If it is just the drugged feeling you might try it at night before going to bed and sleep it off. This was still too much for me years ago and now days would lay me out puking for hours.
    • Sounds like my hell years ago in a way, heavy anxiety, thought I was dying, I was running a bucket list, random bouts of anger and frustration at why my hands, feet would not do what I wanted, and my brain would not process things right, thoughts just seemed to loop, I was constipated for 4-10 days at a time. Layed out in bed someday. Had a few occasions where my body would just go out on me, like collapse to the floor once with only one arm responding. Eventually found out it was celiac, had to get my own place trash everything and start my life over from scratch in a gluten-free dedicated environment, soaps, foods, dishes everything gluten-free. Been slowing healing over the years and gotten much better.  Had some other complication develop from the disease but at least I am not dead. I might suggest getting tested, eat gluten in small amounts for the test like a cracker or half a slice of bread a day, need to be eating it for 12 weeks for the blood test and 2 weeks for the endoscope. Ask you doctor for a FULL Celiac panel blood test, also see about getting that endoscope with several biopsies. Welcome to the forums. this place is great for support and you will find many of us have had similar issues. Thank god I never had the eye issues not being able to watch anime would have killed me -__- Still to this day wish I had the immortal body of Alucard. Anyway few links to help you out and give you some ideas, and make life easier.   https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/91878-newbie-info-101/ https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/117090-gluten-free-food-alternatives-list/ https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/116482-supplement-and-foods-you-take/      
    • Could be the gluten. Could also be the excess carbs and sugar. Which, if you are anything like me, you certainly have added a few things you have been missing. Try some protein when you intake gluten. 
    • So, my long journey has brought me here, from several health anxiety and autoimmune forums I've finally arrived at something I hope is the cause of my problems. My more debilitating symptoms started about a year ago, when I got food poisoning, although it may have been even before that. Looking back into my childhood, I had anxiety and a lot of the behavioral symptoms of a celiac. The only thing I'm not quite sure of is that, standing at 5'11, I'm not sure if I could be so tall, or perhaps I would be even taller. When I was a kid, I threw a hissy fit whenever my grandmother tried to drag me to the doctor. I kicked and screamed when she tried to take me to get a blood test. I hated anything invasive. The standard cognitive tests and dentist visits were fine, but I absolutely refused to have my blood drawn, except with the prick of my finger, which still bugged the hell out of me, and I teared up when that thing scraped me. I probably would have been diagnosed with celiac a long time ago, if I had it.   I've been depressed for most of my life with a touch of anxiety. I did terrible in school because I didn't feel like doing the work. I had great test scores. At the end of the year, whenever we would have those tests I would pass with high scores even though I did poorly in about half of my classes. My work ethic paled in comparison to my intellect.    I ended up getting kicked out of school because of an incident I became involved in my junior year. I had finally made friends I struggled so long to get, and in the blink of an eye they were all gone. I held firmly the belief that those I had gotten into trouble with would come after me for revenge because they were part of a bad crowd. I was forced to keep going to school because I was still underaged, but tried as hard as I could to stay inside and away from people. I had to go to counseling because I told the police I had anger issues and that was why I snapped in that situation.  I became reclusive, and only stayed in contact with my closest friends. I honestly wanted them to think that I was dead. I ended up going through 2 rough situations, one where my grandmother's husband died of colon cancer, and one where my uncle died of liver/kidney failure - both related to heavy drinking and drug use. My anxiety spiked. I heard the death rattle for the first time in my life. I was convinced that my family didn't do enough to help my uncle, but in fact it was him that had been doing it to himself. He passed away the night I learned that he "had 2 weeks left". He wasn't even on any painkillers. I started to develop strange thoughts where I was convinced that I would be the next to die. These instances were just the beginning of my emotional problems. It took a very long time for my symptoms to fester. In the November 2015, I started working my first job. Manual labor at that. I was helping my boss install air conditioners and heaters in pristine houses in different parts of LA that cost up to 5 million. My boss started to talk about having me work there more and as someone who had plans that involved going to college you can probably imagine the discomfort I felt at the idea of working on air conditioners for the rest of my life, even if the money would be good. This was when the anxiety attacks began. Although there weren't any physical symptoms then, I started to feel my depression and anxiety weighing down on me. On Christmas 2015 I had an anxiety attack that presented with pain behind my right eye, something that sent shivers down my spine. I eventually got laid off by my boss in January and went back to lounging around my house for another month. I didn't really notice much wrong then, I was convinced that I might have to start taking antidepressants for my anxiety attacks pretty soon, as they would bother me a lot. One night, I got hungry. It was 9pm and my grandmother wasn't home yet to make dinner, so I asked my Grandfather to take me to Panda Express, one of my favorite places to eat.  I brought the food home and one of the first things I noticed was that it tasted vile. There was something off about the rice. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. It was my favorite food, so naturally, I ate the rest anyway without a second thought.  A couple hours later I had a nauseous feeling in my stomach. I knew I had gotten food poisoning. I spent the next 24 hours vomiting and squirming around on the floor until my symptoms went away.   But this wasn't like other times I had gotten sick. This time was different. When I woke up that morning, there was something wrong with me. Not with my stomach, but with my vision and my eyes. No, my vision wasn't blurry, but there was something else incredibly wrong with me. I take pride in reading and enjoying my foreign programs in which I have to read subtitles, but for some reason, I just couldn't focus. I couldn't read. I couldn't watch TV. I couldn't do anything that required a decent level of mental acuity. I brushed it off and figured it would probably go away in a couple of days. When I walked to the liquor store the next night, I noticed something strange. The halos around the street lights seemed larger and more pronounced. Although I'm not sure what it was, if that was even the problem in the first place, I knew something was wrong. My anxiety was the worst it had ever been. I hadn't been to a doctor in years, let alone care about my health. Most of my anxiety had to do with my surroundings, but suddenly I was compelled to google my symptoms. I had a strange feeling behind my eye and I started to see rings around lights. I thought I had glaucoma. The visual symptoms became worse. I started to see visual migranes, hard to explain, but they're like patches in my vision, kind of like visual fog but larger and more pronounced, and with afterimages whenever I see lights. It's aggravating to say the least. Anyways, I had about a week of these symptoms before I dragged myself to the eye doctor and told her I was convinced I had glaucoma. She looked at my eyes and said they were perfectly fine. I was a tiny bit nearsighted, but I had enough visual prowess to drive or doing anything else without having problems. This came as a surprise to me,  I couldn't even read or watch my favorite movies! I was convinced that all of this was just anxiety at that point. Loss of concentration didn't seem that bad. I was just glad I wasn't going blind. Then I REALLY wouldn't be able to watch TV.   A week passes by before I develop another debilitating symptom. Severe neck pain. I woke up one morning and it was agonizing. I'm not sure when I noticed I had tinnitus, but this was aggravated to say the least. The migranes and anxiety reached their peak. At that point I was convinced I had developed some form of meningitis. Falling asleep at night was like passing out after a long day of not being able to do anything. I was having panic attack after panic attack. I thought that it might be a tumor instead and I was convinced that I wouldn't even be alive for 20th birthday. There was a weakness that radiated down my left arm and leg. At this point, I was desperate to get even a month left to live. I was constantly pleading to a god I stopped believing in a long time ago for more time. I went to the doctor for the first time in years, convinced that I had meningitis. Both my grandmother and my GP laughed at the notion. The GP diagnosed it as nerve pain, gave me antibiotics for my constipation, antidiarrheal medicine, and an antianxiety and sent me on my way for a couple weeks. I took the antibiotics for a bit but ended up spilling them into the sink at which point I figured I probably couldn't use them anymore I don't remember any of my gastro symptoms then as i didn't think anything of them. All I can remember is being constipated for days on end, which wasn't very fun either. Eventually, I went back to the GP and she prescribed me elavil for my tinnitus and my nerve pain, which made just about everything that bothered me wither away at that point. The strangest thing, actually, was that my symptoms went away BEFORE I started taking the pills. Of course, I didn't know what happened, but I had a day when my symptoms went away before coming back again and I didn't want to take a chance, so I started the medication right away, and they never did come back. Swell right? WRONG.   I had a happy few months between Late March and August that seemed swell, except that I couldn't quite enjoy things like I used to, and I was saying things to my online friends that made them shy away from me. I was convinced at this point that I was just going crazy. My mother is schizophrenic so I just sort of took it as is and was getting ready to tell my doctor and see if the symptoms would go away if i stopped the pills. I didn't do this in reality, as a matter of fact, I told the GP I felt great and she suggested that I increase the dose from 10mg to 20mg. I didn't do this for a while, but I got into an argument with someone that I was just starting to become friends with and decided that enough was enough. I popped that extra 10mg and was ready to crank it up a notch to keep the depression at bay. It seemed to be working, but about a week later, I began to develop a burning pain under my right rib. Uh-oh! I started to google again, but my anxiety was still pretty much under control. I tried to convince myself I had colon cancer, but it didn't hit me hard until I told the doctor I thought the pills were causing the pain and that I was going to stop taking them. This is pretty much where things took a turn for the worst. One day, after I had a couple corn dogs and french fries, I went to the bathroom to find that my stool was yellow and there was blood. Immediately I panicked and called my GP. A lot of things have scared me these past few months, but none more than that instance. The occult blood test came back negative, what do you know. I was pretty healthy at around 147 pounds, my average weight. I told myself at that point that I would turn my life around before things got any worse. I wanted to go vegetarian and avoid meat for the rest of my life. That seemed like the best option at that point. Well, I was wrong, because I was probably b12 deficient, and where does b12 come from? Yeah.... Well, it probably wasn't colon cancer, so what else could I convince myself it was you ask? Pancreatic cancer. I rolled around in bed, night after night, feeling extremely tired, and at the same time, not being able to sleep. When I closed my eyes I had visions of what my organs would have looked like with cancer spreading everywhere. Other times I would envision my own funeral 2 months later after a very painful death. I was very spaced out. It was beyond brain fog. Not only was I so bloated I couldn't eat, but I just made it worse by taking immodium. After that it was god awful. If I was dying, I just wanted to know what was wrong with me, if I had any fighting chance at that point. I think I went down to 136 at this point. I got the blood test and was prescribed a different antidepressant by my doctor. I waited until my test results came back to take it. By that time, I had dark circles under my eyes and white patches on the insides of my cheeks. I came back to get the results of the test, and to my surprise there was absolutely nothing wrong with me (at least that could be seen from my blood). I already started eating meat again by this point. WBC 8.7 (normal) RBC 4.94 (normal) I wasn't even anemic. I swore that my skin started to yellow. I was constantly checking my eyes and suffering. I decided this was the last straw. I started to take the medication the doctor prescribed me, and I felt great! But a couple days later, I took the full dose and woke up the next morning, not being able to breathe and with a super fast heart rate and dilated pupils. This was my first time in the ER. The docs were dumb as rocks. They told me that it was "just anxiety". I couldn't even feel the move the left side of my body. I nearly died, and those kooks told me that I had anxiety! They made me sit in a chair for 30 minutes while the reaction went away! (not to mention I got the bill recently from that ridiculous debacle and they're trying to charge me $4000 for letting me in the door and sending me out.)   Anyhow I'll summarize the next few months between the ER incident and now, including a 2nd time I landed in the ER, wowee! -Lost 6 more pounds between that point and about a month ago. -Kept taking paxil and had several more reactions similar to the one that put me in the ER. -Learned about b12 deficiency and was convinced I had pernicious anemia for a while. Taking multivitamins staved off some of the symptoms, including the bloating. -Some mulitvitamins I bought actually made me feel worse including making my joints hurt, although this may be actually due to wheat, as i've learned -Fatigue became progressively worse. I've got Lymph nodes raised all over my body and I was sleeping most of the day before I stopped eating gluten entirely -Was constipated for days on end. My bowel movements improved with experimentation, although I still couldn't figure out what the problem was. I knew that things like French Toast would make my stomach hurt, but I didn't draw the conclusion because I was convinced that fatty foods would help me gain all that weight back (It obviously didn't. As a matter of fact it was probably why. I'm still sitting at around 132 but at least I'm not dead or getting worse from what I can gather.) -Extreme brain fog until I started taking large dose of sublingual b12. I play a lot of video games and my coordination was god awful.  -Took a non-sublingual b12 pill which made me bloat big time. I should have checked to see if those pills had wheat. -My hands and feet felt like blocks of ice, and my feet burned when I got in the shower. -Developed Tachycardia. I'm not sure when, but my resting heart rate is unsettling. Doctors said nothing about it -Diagnosed myself with several cancers and had several panic attacks which I used my b12 tablets to quell. -Tried to take Elavil again, and woke up with a strange feeling in my left arm, so I stopped taking it.   I ended up in the ER for the 2nd time a few weeks ago. This time I was sure I was going to get the answer I didn't want to hear. "We've examined your chest X-ray and found cancer spreading throughout your body" or something along those lines. I knew that there had to be something going on. I went in there for chest pain, but I had to tell the GP about what was going on. The weight loss, the abdominal pain that mysteriously disappeared months beforehand after I took the pills. He suggested that it must be some sort of malabsorption/malnutrition that was doing this, and I was convinced that an H Pylori infection was the cause. Anyhow, my chest X ray came back normal, as did my blood test, and when I got home, my grandma suggested that I look into Therapy. (as if that would somehow help with the chronic fatigue and other debilitating symptoms) I had nobody else to turn to, so I emailed my grandma and told her everything that was going on. She told me that she thought I had celiac disease, and so far, the results aren't too bad. I've gotten "glutened" a couple times so far, but my constipation is gone, and I've gained a little bit of my weight back. I'm not even sleeping as much as I was. I'm still going to see a gastro, a dentist, and a derma about my more serious concerns, but overall, I don't feel too crappy. I've even got my appetite back. Anyhow, if you've made it this far, I'm glad, as it has been a really bumpy ride for me. I've still got a lot of health anxiety about cancer, but I finally feel like I'm on the right path. I didn't even think I would be alive right now, especially not at 2 in the morning, with only minor aches and pains. I hope I can eventually get diagnosed and get used to this place.        
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