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I Understand That "tailz" Has Been Banned From This Site.

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I just sent this PM to Fiddle-Faddle - copying and passting for all to see:


I would like for you to retract your comments about me 'being bipolar' - you stated that I wrote that I am 'on meds for being bipolar,' and then you insinuated that I am unstable - that was a COMPLETE lie on your part -

I am requesting of you that you publically retract your statement and apologize -

...and, also, please stop saying that I was 'vicious with Tailz' - I was not. I was rational with Tailz, and even wished her well.

If you continue to assault me on this forum, I WILL report you to the Admin -


You may have missed but I have been supporting your rationalisation BUT...

That is not a rational pm.... at least its not rational if you want to sort anything out.

Taliz was annoying the heck outa me as well.

I think the reason you are so angry over this is because the mods as a whole ganged up against your rationalization. Fiddel-faddle was just trying to diffuse the situation and I understand why that would get you madder ... because its implying you werre the one making irrational posts to start off. I don't think most people read your posts in context and just read what Taliz manipulated them to be but as you understandably got madder over this you also got less rational yourself.

Please do me a favour .. before you reply

Follow this link, its COMPLETELY nothing to do with this.... I just hope you laugh your socks off ....

Go on .. do it now have a giggle (its completely irrational) then read the rest....


Fiddle-faddle got confused about some posts .. heck EVERYONE was confused because Taliz was deliberately mixing posts and quotes. She wasn't trying to be nasty, she was trying to diffuse the situation and because you were pissed you took that in an extreme way! I'm not saying it was a good way... but I do know her intention wasn't to hurt YOU.

Let's face it... most of us that react to gluten do have two personalities... Im not a person I like much when Im glutened.... anmd honestly your demand for public apologies is irrational, its just making a bad situation worse.

If you know anything about getting smoke damage off kitchens then use some energy on that...Im desperate right now!


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Ok, we really need to put an end to any bickering--this topic has been resolved as far as I'm concerned. FaithInScienceToo please do not post my PM's to you without first asking me--that is just common courtesy. I removed them because they were between me and you. Also, please don't use posts to ask the moderators to ban or warn anyone--that is done via the "Report" feature and/or PM's. I want to remind you of the board's #1 rule, which you are very close here to violating:

1) Do not be abusive or otherwise out of line towards other board members. Show respect for each board member, no matter what you think of their views. This is not a place to quarrel.

No matter what you think of Tailz and her ideas, please do not be abusive towards her.

Can we please move on now and focus some or all of our energies in a positive way and help the many people who visit here each day? The John Lennon "Imagine" song comes to mind here...

Take care,


I see "Fiddle-Faddle" continues to make things up about me - telling others on here I was 'vicious with Tailz' and that I am bi-polar (a total fabrication on her part)...

...perhaps Scott would like to ban Fiddle-Faddle now for that...I believe he should - and, I should PM him at this point now, but won't, unless Fiddle-Faddle continues HER vicious assualt on ME -

About Tailz...

Tailz is gone, along with her proselytizing about God's will...and her COMPLETELY IRRATIONAL thoughts that Lymme disease was messing up genetic studies about Celiac Disease-

THANK GOD Scott banned her - her thoughts couldn't have been much more irrational, and were VERY dangerous to those who come here seeking rational emotional support and REAL Science...

... as soon as I pointed out some of her nasty tricks (in a rational, straight-forward way - NOT vicious), she began to have a melt-down...it was sad to see, but perhaps she needed 'to hit bottom' to begin to lose her obsession and start to deal with her health in a rational fashion. She was so convinced, and wanting to convince everyone else, that her thoughts were the only ones that had any truth to them - it was sad, and SHE became abusive - just like an alcoholic who is confronted...she was/is still? addicted to her beliefs...which were not supported in the real/rational world...if you read her bio info, she states that she believes Lymme is passed down from generation to generation and causes Celiac Disease...and that God made all of us perfect - that environment is responsible for everything...

I do hope that she finds a way to break free of her obsession with those thoughts and her desires to 'make it her mission' (as she put it) to convinve the world of it -

Anyway - I am copying and pasting below my last post on that lovely 'coping with' thread that Tailz posted in order to promote her Anti-Science stuff about colloidal silver:

Hope it clarifies a few things for those who didn't ever read that thread, but have been reading Fiddle-Faddles posts since then -

Again, it's SO sad to see people like Tailz, and NOW Fiddle-Faddle, slandering and putting down those of us on here who try to keep this place rational -


Two things...just for the record:

1) I am not on any meds for bi-polar - not sure who wrote that, as no time to check - I do, however, take meds for minor depression/anxiety and now also for ADHD - if anyone has a problem with that, you've got problems...

2) Also, below is the full interaction between myself and Scott - please note that I did not address only 'the proselitying' (sp? - sorry, also have dyslexia and a poor memory - doesn't make me inept in my assessment of Tailz, though - what she did on here, was pretty easy to see, if you ask me...anyway...)...

Tailz' decisions to write untrue things about those who weren't giving her the replies she wanted to hear was another thing I addressed to Scott - her posts were akin to that bit above about me being on meds for bipolar - no such post appears anywhere by me on this forum - because I am not bi-polar - however, my older sister and paternal aunt are...does that also make me 'irrational?'....OK...back to Tailz - she attacked other members on here who disagreed with her, in both subtle, and not-so-subtle fashions, - not certain if that's the main reason (?) why her posts got nixed, appropriately by Scott - please note, though, that I never asked him to delete anything.

Anyway - I didn't, at first, think it necessary to get into the full problem I had with Tailz' posts in this thread, but since some members seem to think I was only '100%pro-Science and somehow anti-religion' .....which I obviously was not...nor did I ever say anything along those lines...I think it best, at this point, to just copy and paste exactly what I wrote to Scott and exactly what he said in reply - please note that my interpretations of Tailz' posts were apparently supported 'across the board' by Admin in his brief and direct reply of "I agree, I warned her again.' AND - apparently SOMEONE ELSE besides myself also complained about her posts...hence the 'again' in there...

...and also note, please... Admin, removed tailz' posts - I did not request that in my PM to him - he chose to do so - and I respect him FULLY for having done so-

OK...well...that's it for this trip into cyber-support...can't read all posts, as have to do chores, etc - I just saw the untrue new thing about me being on meds for bipolar, and knew someone was fishing for a reply from me, so there you have it-

OK...still hoping to see religion posts in the chat room....and no more untrue posts about members by other members... I see that hasn't occurred, though... but, hope springs eternal...



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    • I think the gripe with this sort of article is that it's not telling the right story. When you write anything, you have a choice about whose story you tell and the consequences of it.  While such articles are factual in the sense that objectively, a GFD is worse than a similar regular one, the focus of these articles undermines the struggles of those who must be gluten-free while also not really giving any information that is likely to result in changed behaviour. All this sort of article does is justify the anti-gluten-free circlejerk. I think many of the journalists here think they're on the side of people with celiac disease because they're underlining that the fad diet is dumb/pointless/harmful/whatever. While this may be true, the message the reader remembers is this: the GFD is frivolous. It doesn't matter if there's a line in the article that says something about how the GFD is a medical necessity for those with celiac disease. People don't remember the asterisk in the article. All they remember is that the GFD is for idiots.  What would be valuable and useful is discussing celiac disease - symptoms, longterm consequences etc. and how strict those with celiac disease must be with the GFD in the context of this research. This will do a better job of convincing people that the fad diet is dumb, but do so in a responsible way that doesn't undermine the real problems faced by those with celiac disease or other medical conditions. Plus, the increased awareness might make someone realize that they should get tested.
    • I had to run go google zonulin. Never heard of that! Makes perfect sense though.. I assume every single person on earth with AI disease has leaky gut! Ya know, I drank several glasses to a bottle of merlot every night after work to "unwind" for many years before I figured out it aggravating the leaky gut! I'm SO glad I quit before it did more damage ... Seriously, metformin is awesome. I love it. Great for metabolic resistance and free at a lot of places with an RX!
    • I am on Armour too.  No metformin for me yet.  I am trying to manage on a low carb high fat diet for many reasons like having a damaged gut and being allergic to so many meds (yah know....swelling, hives, etc.).  Leaky gut.  Nope.  Better.  Zonulin seems to be increased in celiacs.  I am going to blame my gut on that!  Seriously, there seems to be a link.  
    • Dang, Ennis.  You rock!  Ironic and I must be near brain dead.  Did I mention that school is out today!!!!!!  I feel so sleep deprived!  S U M M E R! 
    • Wow you have ALOT going on! Sorry to hear about your ongoing issues. Are you super duper strict with avoiding gluten or do you think you are still getting cross contamination? I will check out that portion of the forum- THANKS a bunch for that. It is all a bit overwhelming. I saw some people post that they saw "dramatic improvement!" within 2 weeks and I'm going rreeeaaalllly? *insert sarcasm.. haha. I know I wont get that lucky. I take metformin and armour and victoza. Type 2 diabetes runs in my family too. My glucose levels were never really high and I never got the official type 2 diagnosis but ive dropped all excess weight on these meds. I hope to wean soon. Did you fix the leaky gut? That is a daunting task isn't it!    
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