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    • Most people say that all fresh chicken, beef and other meat is gluten free.  I have found that to not be a true statement.  In fact, I get gluten reactions to most of the fresh meat available at most supermarkets.  Now I understand that meat is naturally gluten free.  But as we know, even naturally gluten free foods can become cross contaminated during processing and packaging.  So, it would be a good thing if certified gluten free fresh meats were available for purchase.  That way celiac patients could reasonably know that the purchased meat was not cross contaminated.  Does anyone know why certified gluten free fresh meat is not available for purchase?  Has anyone else besides me experienced gluten reactions from fresh meat? 
    • Thank you!  That makes me feel better. And that totally makes sense too. It’s weird I feel like I can feel my intestines being all inflamed and angry!!  With all the COVID drama I just started worrying maybe I couldn’t chalk my symptoms up to gluten. 😜
    • It is a pretty normal response in my opinion.  Remember, celiac disease is not an allergy.  Gluten, in celiac disease, triggers an autoimmune flare up/response.   (It is not about how long gluten remains in the digestive tract.).  How long your body decides to stop attacking  your small intestine lasts depends on you.   Think of lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis.  No one knows what triggers flare ups for these and any other autoimmune disorder.  Celiacs at least can avoid flare ups.  We are lucky, sort of.....😂

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