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  1. Love Kinnikinnick everything! The English Muffin's are as good as Thomas's. I found a new product this week while browsing...
  2. Nine months Gluten Free and 9 pounds heavier.....I was considered average weight before but if I keep gaining a pound...
  3. Maddy1

    Ninety Nine (99)

    Went to the Ninety Nine a few weeks ago and was thrilled to see French Fries on the gluten-free Menu. I made this remark...
  4. Maddy1

    Fall River, Ma gluten-free Diner

    I've only been diagnosed for a few weeks so I'm still craving fried seafood! I already told my hubby to plan on lunch...
  5. A friend just found them for me in her local Roche Bros. They were on special for 2/$7. It's a little steep when they...
  6. Maddy1

    Fall River, Ma gluten-free Diner

    Thank you Babysteps, I don't know why I didn't check for a web page, must be the "fog" you are all talking about. I...
  7. Maddy1

    Fall River, Ma gluten-free Diner

    This is such an old post that I am wondering if anyone can update me as to whether this restaurant still exists. I live...
  8. I am a very newly diagnosed Celiac. My Mom had it for the last 20 years of her life and I was her caretaker so I am...