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  1. Me either! I would love to be able to drink good beer and eat some of my favorite foods, even if ocassionally!
  2. From the article I can’t assess the purpose of the shots: are they to protect from incidental gluten exposure or can one eat normally, disregarding gluten? Assuming that the shots are reasonably free from unacceptable side-effects and risk, I’d get them even if it only meant that once a m...
  3. I wonder how much is contamination from “facilities that also process wheat”. I hate that warning on products that should naturally have no gluten. gluten-free trail mix is especially hard to find in my area, which is ridiculous.
  4. 9 months on the diet and no improvement with the peripheral neuropathy and balance issues. Fewer digestive problems though, excepting wretched constipation for which I haven't found a solution. I question restaurants sometimes. (Somewhat) good news: I've dropped 25 pounds.
  5. I've been gluten-free for nearly 6 months with the same results as you- some improvement with fatigue, dreadful constipation. I call this the no-poop diet . If you have been taking proton pump inhibitors (PPI) for acid reflux, they could be the cause of stomach polyps - they likely caused mine...
  6. Yea Hershey's! Boo Lindt's! It's also frustrating when a company's web-site says that a product is gluten-free, but the product itself isn't labeled as such. I've been complaining to them. And to the ones with products that should not have gluten at all - like the bag of roasted peanuts...
  7. As a newly diagnosed celiac, shopping is frustrating. And it takes much longer! The worst are products that should not have a gluten substance but do according to their labels: Nuts (this after I bought the only thing from a vending machine that I thought was OK) Trail Mix Quinoa side...
  8. mbrookes, Try Magner's Irish Cider. It is much drier - less sweet and cloying - than the American hard ciders. I find the American ciders too sweet to drink too.
  9. A beer snob and recently diagnosed celiac, I can report that the only tolerable Gluten-free beer has been the Green's Amber. The Dogfishhead "Tweasons" is an OK drink, but tastes nothing like beer. The rest have been awful. Rice and sorghum do not a good beer make. I'm not sure if I trust Omission...