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  1. That's BS! I don't have Celiac, but I have greatly benefited from a gluten-free diet in many ways!
  2. yes, but the ratio of potatoes is too much for me
  3. it takes a while. even when I go off gluten-free, and back again, it takes a few days b4 I have gastro effects.
  4. stacieb

    gluten free soup

    try ragu double cheddar sauce
  5. finally found a gluten-free pizza crust I can tolarate! though I have tried Udi's before, this Udi's thin and crispt crust is awesome!
  6. stacieb


  7. after I gave up gluten, my knee they said I would need surgery on, didn't hurt anymore. the rotator cuff they said I would need surgery on, didn't hurt anymore. my digestive problems were gone. I didn't visit the bathroom over and over with cramps and diarrhea. I felt great. a few months later I started having other problems. weak, shaking, real bad. doc did full panel blood test and everything is normal. yet it kept getting worse. missing a lot of work. they told me it was anxiety. I have anxiety, I know what that feels like. butterfly stomach, chest pain. this was different. though after they told me this was anxiety, I started having daily all day anxiety attacks. first they upped my dose of paxil, that didn't work. so they added another anxiety med, didn't help, it kept getting worse. I have no Idea what is going on, but I cant live with this debilitating anxiety for much longer, i have missed so much work i am probly gonna get fired, which just fuels the anxiety. what am I to do????
  8. stacieb

    feeling weak

    after going gluten-free I felt great! but lately I have been feeling bad. the gluten symptoms are still gone, but now I am weak, foggy, any ideas? doc did a full blood work up, all came back normal
  9. after going gluten-free I initially felt better and lost some weight. now I feel fuzzy, foggy, shaky. should I have some blood tests.
  10. I felt great a few weeks after going gluten-free. finally started loosing weight as well. the last few weeks I have not felt good. ok in the morning, then slowly start getting brain fog. shakes. pains. is low blood sugar a side affect of going gluten free????
  11. I am trying to find out if going gluten-free can cause low blood sugar. I felt so much better when going gluten-free, but now I feel weak, shaky, tired
  12. stacieb

    Gluten Free Gravy

    Is swanson gravy gluten-free?
  13. I tested negative for celiac, doc told me I have gulten enterropathy
  14. stacieb

    the transition

    I am new to this. I have gluten enteropathy. my doc say docs don't know why ppl are increasingly gluten sensitive. it is hard to keep up with and expensive.