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Ciroc Vodka

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Brewed from grapes, not potatoes! Quite expensive but very tasty if you are in a vodka mood. Nice looking bottle, too.


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I've had it. -- It is pretty good.

I also like

Chopin -- Potatoes

Smirnoff - Corn

Ketle One -- this is a grain one, but it is by far my favorite -- after thta distillation report came out a year or two ago, I have been drinking Ketel One all the time -- no ill effects!


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To all:

Here is an official response Absolute and its good news:

Dear Kevin,

Thanks for your email and your interest in ABSOLUT VODKA.

The ingredients for the production of ABSOLUT VODKA are grain (winter wheat),

sweetening enzymes (in the mashing process), yeast and water from our own well.

It does not contain any gluten as it is removed in the production process. For

the production of flavored vodka, only natural ingredients from berries, fruits

and spices are used.

Best regards,

Åsa Edlind



Drink up!!!__________________________________

V&S Absolut Spirits

SE-117 97 Stockholm Sweden

Visiting Address: Årstaängsvägen 19A

+46 8 744 7105 direct

+46 70 666 7105 mobile

+46 8 744 7170 fax


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