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I just got back from the beautiful Island of Jamaica. I was accidentally glutened exactly twice and that was during the wedding. That was because during the meal the chicken and the beef were brought out with these funky looking sticks in them as an ornamet and they were pasta sticks twisted and cooked in that position. I was not too sure about the sauce that came with it either. My other glutening was with Air Canada on the way there but problem was solved on the way back.

We all stayed at the Starfish Trelawny outside of Falmouth Jamaica. It is a gorgeous hotel with three pools the rooms are nothing special but then I did not stay in my room much. There is a beautiful beach with an island that has an walkway through the ocean on a sandbar that is only ankle deep. I was impressed with the food each day the buffet was different and if you asked them what was in a sauce or of if the food contained any flour or wheat if they didn't know they would run off and get the answer for you.

I stayed away from all the desserts and just ate the wonderful fresh fruit. I did partake in their ice cream because it has no gluten or wheat in it and no dairy...the coconut ice cream and mango icecream is the best. The ice cream was made from goats milk.

Each night they had different and fun performances and one night is beach party night. That is the night you get to have conch salad, Jerk chicken, pork and swordfish. The jerk chicken and swordfish is aboslutely to die for and next to the resort is the bamboo village where you can buy assorted trinkets, shirts, and marvelous hand made walking sticks and canes. I was at my baggage limit or I would have brought back some walking sticks. Always bargin with them if they tell you $30. you say $5. they will come down and you may get it for $10 or $8. Also if you start walking away they will come after you and really drop their prices. You have to bargin no matter where ever you go, if you don't then they think you are a big chicken. They believe it shows fortitude to be able to bargin well.

The John's Hall tour is a waste of money, at least all of us that did that tour that day thought so. The cool runnings," "Dunns River Falls," "Appleton," tours are all worth while. If you wish to travel to other places you will have to hire a taxi make sure it has red and white license plates and set the price with them before you leave and don't pay till they get you back to the hotel and go up to see Rose Hall which has a great story behind it and you may want to travel to some other places. I will tell you, a week is not enough time to see everything in Jamaica but it was not that difficult staying gluten-free there

In Jamaica it is "yeah Mon" whether you are female or male and it means "yes", Irie Mon means "good" or "wonderful" and you will hear "no problem" a lot too. Those are the three main sayings in Jamaica. Out side of being eaten alive by mosquitos I would definitely go back.

You may be unnerved by their driving at first because they drive fast and close together on very narrow rough roads. But no worries, they are some of the best drivers I have seen. It is a trip worth taking.


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OH MY GOSH!!! You so put me back in a good mood!! I went on a cruise the end of January. We stopped at Ocho Rios. I live in Wisconsin, so the weather there was a NICE break. I am actually sitting here now having a pina colada with Appleton Rum!!! We are supposed to get 6-8 inches of SNOW Thursday. I called my cruise buddy and vented that we need to go back to Jamica!!

My other favorite saying there is "respect". Our taxi driver kept yelling at others or other drivers would yell at ours and they would leave it at "respect". I LOVED that!! I said that was one thing I was bringing back. Just when you get done venting to someone about something stupid they did.... say "respect" and all will be well!! (Okay, maybe not here!)

I am jealous! Glad you had a great time!!


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I am a person who likes to get away from the touristy things and get into the cultural. Unfortunately the friend I was with only wanted to shop. I think next time I will get my sister to go with me as we like to get into the nitty gritty.

I was heartbroken going from high 90's farenheit to freezing and snow. I was meant to live in the Caribbean.


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    • When it's that high, it almost always means Celiac.  Sure, you can have Crohns, too.  Just like you can have Celiac and diabetes, the common cold or a hang nail.  I wouldn't jump to Chrohns.  I don't think the tTg really has anything to do with Chrohns?  Where did you see that?  Sometimes, a slightly elevate tTg can be elevated from other issues, but >100 is not a " slightly elevated" reading
    • Hi! I'm new here, and I'm looking for some information because I'm having a hard time finding it.  Over Labor Day weekend I got some kind of intestinal bug. I didn't think much of it until the D persisted once a day up til now. I tried a priobiotic but that didn't help much. I have bad anxiety and began to think that I was just anxious and stressed. No fever, no pain, all bloodwork is normal, so no infection or anemia. My mother has 5 siblings and 3 have celiac. One other one had a high result on a blood test but was never officially diagnosed and insists she doesn't have it. So I went to my local health fair and got the ttg-iga test, just in case. My result came back at >100. So I have called and scheduled a visit with a GI for next week. Aside from the recent intestinal issues I have never thought that I had any signs of celiac. I do have dermatographism and have had that since I was 20 (I am 28). I have severe anxiety. I had PUPPPS when I was pregnant with my daughter and it was miserable. It looks much like the skin rashes that celiacs have. Again, didn't think much of it. Because of my anxiety I am terrified that this high blood test is from something else, like crohn's. I don't have diabetes, my liver and thyroid numbers are fine. I think it's much more plausible that this is celiac because of my family history. But my anxiety says "what if it's crohns?" Does anyone have any insight? Is it true that the ttg iga can be elevated from crohns and not celiac? Is >100 pretty definitive of celiac? I didn't know if crohns was the cause if the number would be this high.  I'm just freaked out. 
    • This does say it is for not  for Celiacs.  There is a drug being developed that may actually break down the gluten in the stomach before it hits the intestines.  However, that is still in clinical trials.
    • could be from your neck, or it is, literally, in your head. perhaps a scan is needed.
    • The anxiety thing is there I take teas, and supplements along with CBD oil to help with it, and long walks and exercise when I get antsy. As for the human interaction it is a mix of other mental issues, and the way I feel about people who can eat gluten. If they are not eating I have no issue talking with people. I mentioned I have issues accepting them as the same species when I see them eating. My reaction to gluten is so ingrained in me that it is not a food but a poison, that watching others eat it causes a subconscious reaction where I find myself avoiding them and looking down on them like something from another planet. I end up disgusted with them and walking away, I will go out of my way to avoid people and places where foods like this are present. This is my TRAUMA part of the gluten exposure, and one of the big things I am trying to address in my life right now. I know it is irrational to do so but I end up doing it, I have never cared about others race, religion, or looks, but if I see them eating a gluten/poison, it somehow changes how I perceive them and interact with them and I hate this part about me. It is taking a lot of mental effort to try to smile and treat them as a human, and not something to be looked down upon in disgust. I just recall that mental state that gluten puts me in with my mind and body turning against me and not doing what I will it and the fear comes back. This diet is pretty much like mine, I take Doctors best Magnesium powder in a tea that is actually brewed with st johns wort (never thought much of it) , I use Liquid Health Stress & Energy along with the Neurologic Support they have, twice-three times a day for B vitamins(along with a bunch of other supplements) . I can not digest meats or carbs well, meats it is a issue with breaking them down same with egg yolks, I literally just burp up the undigested meats hours later. I have found the only way to eat them is to boil/slow cook them til they melt then blend them into a broth and have it with digestive enzymes so only do it with turkey bacon, longhorn, and salmon in small amounts in soups or for flavoring stock for stir frys.  As for Carbs like rice and potatoes I end up getting really gassy and bloated, same with sugars in any amount greater then like the size of my thumb give or take. Oats I only have gluten-free Harvest in about a tbsp amount when tasting recipes of stuff I sell at farmers markets. So I eat mostly fats and protein from egg whites, nuts, seeds, veggies, and vegan protein powders blends balanced for complete proteins. I have at least 1-2 dried fig, dates, handful of banana chips, or a 1/4 of a small fruit with meals for fruits.  My meals are mostly egg white and veggie omelettes, stir frys, and soups, Always with lots of fats and proteins in each meal. I have found having nutritional yeast to help with my mood and energy levels also and find someway of having it in meals often. I keep my foods on rotation and keep getting updated feed back on ratios with my dietician. I also have a rather odd list of foods I can not eat due to allergies/intolerance.
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