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Severe Hormone Imbalance

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I am just plain scared, frustrated and numb. I need to find a doctor(s) to manage this thing. I interviewed one last summer and he told me straight out that I will need my thyroid medicine for life plus he suspected Addison's and I was already diagnosed Gluten/Casein sensitive and my female hormones are out of whack. Besides the magnitude of this type of diagnosis...his bedside manner literally gave me anxiety. But he does take our insurance, he is 45 minutes away and he embraces more of an Integrative Medicine approach than many of the others.

I am quite concerned that due to his increased age, his arrogance and my personality that it might not be the right mix but I don't know what else to do. I've called several doctors and they are too traditional. My current endocrinologist (comes with significant credentials and seems to know the thyroid well) but seems to think (only by looking at me) that I don't have Addison's.

I have been using glandulars and high doses of B5, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium etc. I have more energy than I did before this regime. Yet I still must manage all of this and do it right!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. :)


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Hello, Tammy. I am very sorry to hear about all that you are going through. I'm sure that's not a whole lot of fun for you, is it.

Undoubtedly, I would go with the first doctor. If you can hold onto anyone like that, it would come as an extremely valuable asset for you, in my opinion. Consider what he has done for you that the others have not, afterall. Regardless of his disposition, that is the individual I would choose in a heartbeat. Sounds as if he's one of the rare ones that actually still cares about the goodwill of his patients, etc.

Based on what you have to say, it definitely sounds as if he would get you the most help.

Good luck.


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    • They didn't suggest any probiotic support. Ultimately the side-effects of this drug stabilized approaching the end of the course of treatment, though after it was finished, I was perhaps a bit improved, but no profound symptom resolution for me. Darn! The search goes on.
    • Thankyou I have found that I became intolerant of dairy and having cut it out feeling better but if I come into accidental consumption the symptoms are similar to that of gluten but not as severe .. Patience ay ?
    • I checked the Gluten Free Watchdog (I subscribe) and did not find this  particular product, but found the company's oat bran flakes which did not list any gluten ingrediants, but barley was found in testing well over 20 parts per million.  I would stick with certified gluten-free cereals, personally.  I think it is "hit or miss" on grain products.    
    • It is normal for other intolerances to become apparent once you remove gluten. I don't know why, perhaps as the immune system is free'd from chasing gluten it finds new targets? A lot of coeliacs find they have to cut out dairy as well for example. It's certainly my number one culprit for skin issues.  It also can take time for removing gluten to have its full effect, as antibodies will remain in the body for up to 6 months. So the reaction could still be to gluten in a way. 
    • I did not re-test my antibodies for a full year after diagnosis but I think your daughter should be checked again in 6 months.  If she does have celiac, and I really am sure she does regardless of what this doc seems to think, they should decrease in 6 months.  If she is fast healer, they could potentially be in the normal range but it varies from person to person. She did show damage in her small intestine but at 4 years of age, damage would not have progressed to the point where this doctor could be convinced it is Celiac.  They set the bar way too high. Kind of silly to require you to damage her insides further to prove it to the AMA. I think she should go gluten-free, as you have stated, and re-scope her in 6 months to see how the original damage looks then. If it is gone, then maybe that would convince them. The 4 out 5 criteria is not done in kids because, I am convinced, of liability issues. They just do not want to get sued if by some small chance, they diagnosed someone who did not have Celiac.  I think the odds of that are pretty slim, when you think about it. Even with a misdiagnosis, eating gluten free will never harm anyone. But as children are minors and cannot legally make medical decisions on their own like adults can, that rule is out for them.
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