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Achy Hands And Joints

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Hi, I have been gluten free since Aug 1st 2006 (took a good 6 months to achieve 100%) and I am feeling so much better. I know when I have gotten a hold of gluten, my symptoms come back quicker, and even just the slightest amount bugs me now.

This last week I have notices that my hands are achey and my joints... not sure what would bring this on, I plan on talking to my Dr about it but I thought I would see if anyone here has this symptom? And maybe what causes it it for them, if they have figured it out?




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I'm not sure. My feet hurt daily, sometimes so much that it's painful to walk and I hurt alot for the first minute or so after getting up after I've been sitting for 20 minutes or so. I mentioned it to the doctor, but once again, got the condescending smile and that was it. I'm only 48 and wonder if I hurt this badly now, what will I feel like after 50. I have also been gluten free for several years. :huh:


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I have been gluten free for 6 years. In the past year I started having achy hands and feet, especially first thing in the morning and when getting up from sitting. My muscles are so stiff that my pelvis is unstable and I have pulled several ribs out doing PT. I had a lot of tests this spring (for lupus, RA, and spondylitis, among other things) and my rheumatologist decided I have fibromyalgia. I've probably had it for some time but I recently started menopause and the drop in hormones kind of unmasked things.

I've had lots of food testing and done all kinds of eliminations and challenges so I am pretty sure this is not another food allergy. My doctor is Lyme literate and we don't think it is Lyme. Fibromyalgia is a real disease but it is not a very helpful diagnosis. It is not degenerative or particularly scary, but it hurts. There is no consensus on treatment and no particular test for it, just symptoms that are not accounted for by anything else. My rheumatologist actually said there was no point in seeing her further as there was nothing she could do for me. (argh) She recommended I get more sleep and see my regular doctor for pain meds if necessary.

Sorry that this isn't more helpful. I am getting acupuncture, taking nutritional supplements from my naturopath and doing gentle exercises when I get up in the morning. All are helping. I am sorry you are hurting!


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Sorry you are hurting... I have only been diagnosed officially for a month but have been well aware of celiac for quite a while, it's in the genes! I think sometimes that one of the things that makes this so hard to deal with (and made me put off being tested) is that all the symptoms can be attributed to something else. For myself, I have found that every time I get an ache or a twinge or a feeling ANYWHERE, I start over-analyzing and wondering if it's celiac related. I know exactly the feelings you are talking about because I dealt with that for the last few years and it was much better after I went gluten-free. However, I think I got glutened in the last couple of days because the painful ankles and hands are back, not to mention the stomach issues :( But what I am trying to say is... if you're pretty sure you haven't been consuming gluten, isn't it possible that this isn't even celiac related?? Lots of people start feeling arthritis symptoms at this age, and it isn't related to anything except getting older! In any case, I hope you feel better soon...


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    • Celiac Sensitivity?
      For dining out, check out the website:  They list restaurants with gluten free menu's and options in your area and there are reviews from other celiacs on there to help you figure out the better, safe places to eat.  Great web site!   Although it is optimal to not dine out at first, reality sometimes gets in the way.  I had booked a trip months before I got really sick and would have lost a lot of money if I did not go.  A month after diagnosis, I flew overseas and ate out for dinner only every night.  I ate plain foods but they were well prepared so still quite good. I never got sick.  I was careful and it worked. Luckily, Europe was way more gluten free knowledgeable than the US at that time and still is.  So, it can be done if you are very careful!
    • Anyone experience brain fog like this?
      Thanks for the reply, melprkr! Feeling like you're still in a swimming pool moving is a good way to put it. It feels kind of like motion sickness, come to think of it, or a really bad hangover. I was curious because my experience of 'brain fog' in the context of thyroid problems feels so different than brain fog caused by gluten, and I couldn't quite figure out how to explain it. Swimming pool comes pretty close, though. Hope you feel better soon as well!
    • Anyone experience brain fog like this?
      Brain fog is a common symptom.  I had a hamburger patty from a local restaurant and am suffering the effects.  Sometimes mine is bad and sometimes it is mild.  This one feels mild, provided I am not "glutened" again.  I have the exact same feelings when I am contaminated.  I actually had 2 good days this week to ony have to go back through this again.  The first day is just tired and want to sleep, but as each day goes on it seems like all I can do to concentrate and do anything.  TV is OK but for me just standing up or moving sometimes makes me dizzy.  Luckily I don't have the nausea but even sitting still I feel like I am in a swimming pool moving.  You know kind of like when you were a kid and you got in the pool or went roller skating but then got out and and you still felt like you in the pool or skating?  The anxiety and the depression is the worst.  I am taking things to help with it but it doesn't always help.  Only thing that seems to help sometimes is just going in to my room and laying there and not moving and just going to sleep.   It will pass.  Just be cautious about everything.  I have opted to let my family know that I will bring my OWN food when we have gatherings.  I don't mind being the odd man out because I am already the odd ball.  One thing I have learned and that is people mean well but mistakes happen and we are the ones who have to pay the price.   Hope you feel better soon.
    • gluten intolerance, dairy intolerance and fructose
      Look into The Paleo Approach by Sara Ballentyne, PhD.  Great resource and will probably answer your questions.  I have the same problem. You have to really read labels.  The only coconut milk I can use is an organic canned one.  Others have too many ingredients that are problematic.  For now, stay with meat and vegetables as someone else has recommended.  If rice works for you, great.  If not, winter squash is good.  The diet change is overwhelming at first but then it starts to make sense.  The one good thing about an intolerance versus allergy is the possibility of someday being able to add it back into your diet once your gut has healed.
    • Anyone experience brain fog like this?
      I went gluten free about a month ago, and was finally feeling *great* last week when wham -- my well-meaning Dad cooked me dinner and forgot to check the ingredients on the fish sauce he used. The upside of being glutened for the first time is that, after a couple weeks of feeling good, I feel like I can discern the symptoms a lot better now. I've noticed that the worst part, aside from the nausea, is the "brain fog," but I'm curious if my experience of brain fog is the same as or similar to what other people are feeling. For me, it becomes almost physically painful to concentrate on anything. If I try to read a book, or watch a TV show, it makes me feel dizzy, overwhelmed, and nauseous. For a couple days, I feel like all I can do is try to stay still and do as little as possible while I wait it out. It feels similar to anxiety, but not quite the same, and none of the usual tricks for getting through a panic attack help. Do any of you experience brain fog in a similar way? Where it basically makes you feel sick to try and concentrate on anything, even fun and relaxing things?
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