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Help! Progesterone Med Gf?

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I am 6 weeks pregnant and my doctor prescribed me Prometrium progesterone capsules to insert to avoid miscarriage. I asked the stupid pharmacist if they were gluten-free and they said yes. I took one tonight and it leaves a burning sensation, and now I'm thinking back about it, and when I asked if it was gluten-free, they just went down the aisle, whispered to each other a little, and then said, 'yep, it is'.

I'm wondering now how they arrived at the conclusion that it's gluten-free, especially since they look a lot like gelcaps, which typically are NOT gluten-free. I called the pharmacy and the pharmacist just told me that the only way to truly verify is to contact the manufacturer, which I KNOW they didn't. Now, not only do I have a problem with the pregnancy, but I may have gotten GLUTENED too - GREAT! JUST GREAT! I should have made sure before I left.....

Anyway, if anyone knows anything about these capsules, please let me know. No one can tell me anything until sometime tomorrow, so, if someone here knows......

They say they are oral capsules, but the doc has me inserting them vaginally. I'm supposed to take another one tomorrow morning, so the sooner I find out, the better.




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You are not going to absorb gluten vaginally. The gluten must pass through your intestinal system to do damage. The only reason you would need to worry is if you have DH. Otherwise you should be fine. Gellcaps are made of gelatin which is usually made of animal bone.

You could just have a burning from the medication itself. Nothing to do with gluten. Call tomorrow and talk to your doctor about it. Call the 1800 number for the company that makes the product.

-Jessica :rolleyes:


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Thank you so much! I can't contact them b/c there is no literature with the med. The pharmacy said they wouldn't have an answer for me until tomorrow sometime.

I hope you are right about not being able to absorb it vaginally, b/c the ultrasound tech seemed to think it was possible when we were discussing the gel they use on the transvaginal ultrasound. I said it probably wouldn't be a problem vaginally anyway, and she said, 'well, actually, it is a ......' (I can't recall exactly what she called it, a mucus gland? something like that?). In otherwords, she thought that it could enter the system that way - but, I don't know if she's right or not.

Well, the burning is gone now, so I'll just relax and get in touch with the pharmacy again tomorrow.

Thank you!



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Even though it can't do you intestines damage you could still have some type of reaction. Like you said the burning. Just like with make up and lotions.

It's an allergic reaction, rather.


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    • are your new negative results with or without a gluten challenge? i think its irresponsible for your doctors to dismiss positive bloodwork. i agree that positive blood results points towards at least potential celiac disease and there is a good chance that there either wasn't enough damage yet or they missed it. pretty sure high Gliadin IgG means you were having an immune response to gluten. ttg IgG is less specific/sensitive than Iga but nonetheless it is an antibody related to tissue damage in the small bowel.
      seems common for GIs to deem celiac blood work as unreliable and then glaze over the fact that biopsy results can also be unreliable.
      if you have/are doing a gluten challenge i would ask for an EMA bloodtest and DGP not just ttg. if not maybe get the genetic test?    
    • I have the same symptoms.  These symptoms have overlapped other issues that I have and have been left untreated for far too long. Now the pain has gotten worst. My GP believes it's my hiatal hernia.  I have pain below my breastbone, pressure pushing up my chest/throat, dizziness and nausea. 
    • Usually I'm using apps to tell me what celiacs have thought about the restaurants in the area and repeatedly eating at a few different places I haven't gotten sick. Now that I think about it, gluten was a definite possibility. I ,however, just got all negative results from all the following tests so I'm guessing I'm doing ok on that front. -Basic metabolic panel -Liver enzyme panel -CBC -Serum IgA -Tissue transglutaminase(tTG), IgA -Tissue transglutaminase(tTG), IgG -Thyroxine(T4), free direct serum -Thyroid stimulating hormone I thought the same thing about positive antibodies and non-celiac sensitivity reading this; l'm seeing his nurse practioner in two weeks so I'm going to take this and basically argue with what he said and see how that goes haha. I'm gonna guess not real well. I'm going to push being tested for other autoimmune diseases in addition.  
    • I was dx with duoedenitis end of August. No mention of a stomach, esophagus or duoendal ulcer. Just a small hernia. Less then 2cm. But I have a LOT of pain right below the breast bone and I jumped when it was recently touched on exam. I can even feel a small bump in the area. I feel so dizzy and unwell, like some kind of bacteria is invading my brain and am very queasy still.  My heart still feels weird too.  Bloodwork normal, a bit low on protein which is unreal because I get a ton of it but it is always is low if I have not eaten. Mildly elevated myeloycytes and basophils. My GI will probably not see me for a week or two, my primary care put me on sucralfate.  As soon as the food hits my digestive system I feel really weird all over, stomach, chest, throat, head. Just feel like I have this horrible thing infecting my body.  Did anyone feel ulcer pain and have it NOT be an ulcer? I suppose one could have developed since August. 
    • Hi AWOL, Since you weren't able to complete the 2 weeks gluten challenge for the endoscopy the results are not necessarily reliable.   So to be err on the side of caution I think you should assume you have celiac disease.  Your doctor should not assume you don't have it either since the challenge was not completed.  He has no proof that you don't have celiac disease.  He does have evidence that you have negative reactions to eating gluten though.
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