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Posted 02 March 2009 - 03:28 PM

I'm 6 months gluten free, and in the expanding my diet phase. I'd like to add back a cup of coffee here and there. I know unflavored coffee is gluten free, and flavored might have gluten. So, here are my questions:
1) Can I use the same coffee pot as the ladies at work?
2) My current coffee pot has had gluten exposure in the form of cross contamination from a coffee grinder grinding oatmeal for a facial (pre-diagnosis). Would you get a new coffee maker, or just a new grinder.
3) If I get a new coffee maker, do I need to limit its use to plain coffee to avoid the risk of cc from gluten in flavored coffee?
4) Anyone know of any gluten-free flavored coffee?

Thanks for fueling my caffine fix.

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Posted 02 March 2009 - 05:04 PM


I did not get a new coffee maker. I did get a new grinder. You can put the coffee pot in the dishwasher to make sure it gets a good cleaning. Dunkin' Donuts french vanilla coffee is gluten free (sold at BJ's, too). I only make it at home. Starbucks coffees are usually gluten free. Wegman's store brand offer several flavored varieties that are gluten free.

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Celiac diagnosis 12/19/2007 by PCP (positive bloodwork, prior slightly scalloped small colon, but biopsy non-specific)
Started gluten free diet 12/19/2007 but was requested to do a gluten challenge on 2/21/08 for GI Dr diagnosis and re-run of bloodwork and another endoscopy
Endoscopy 3/26/08 after 5 weeks of gluten challenge, biopsy revealed subtotal villous atrophy, positive diagnosis, gluten free for good as of 3/26/08



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Posted 02 March 2009 - 11:16 PM

I'm sorry if I missed this, but why did you give up coffee?
Many flavored coffee beans are gluten free. How do you find out? Contact the company that makes the coffee, this is what I do.

I would think if you ground other things in your grinder there wouldn't be any residue left from the oats but thats just me.
Rice is used to clean coffee grinders often.
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Gluten Free October 18, 2007
YIPPEE for Gluten free



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Posted 03 March 2009 - 03:20 PM

Why did I give up coffee?
I'm not a big coffee drinker.
It was summertime.
I was consuming 2 excedrine/day to deal with the pain. (excedrine has caffine).
I was worried my coffee pot was contaminated.
I like tea.

Basically, with all the things to figure out with going gluten-free, coffee was low on my priority list. Now I'm craving a sweet cup of creamy coffee.

OK, so the pot can stay, and I'll get a new grinder. I'm not sure about cleaning it out. There are so many parts to this crazy thing and it was a hand me down from my father in law.

Do you all drink from the office coffee pot?

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Posted 03 March 2009 - 03:44 PM

I drink from the office coffee pot with no problems. And if you are looking for a flavored coffee that is gluten free, Green Mountain brand is safe.
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Gluten Free - February 16, 2008

Diagnosed with positive bloodwork and biopsy.

No digestive symptoms for the past 25 years, but did have severe anemia, osteoporosis, lactose intolerance and RLS at time of diagnosis.

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