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Insomnia With Itchy, Antsy Bottoms Of Feet?

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Hi folks,

Have noticed several threads about Celiac/gluten intolerance and insomnia, and wanted to post something specific about Insomnia and FEET...

Have been plagued with insomnia ever since acquiring C.F.S. (over two decades ago), but lately the insomnia is coupled with the most annoying ITCHING and "ANTSY" (TINGLING) STUFF going on in the BOTTOMS OF MY FEET. I don't know if this is related to food intolerance(s) or maybe related to some problems with my SPINE (have degenerative disc areas in cervical (neck) spine and lumbar areas). Once this FOOT THING gets started, it can keep me awake all night. It is not like the intense ITCHING that goes on along the SHINS when I've been toxified with problem food substances. It is more like a nerve-related "tingling." Hard to describe.

Last "night" I finally fell asleep about 6:00 a.m. this morn, and only after taking some of the Hyland's "INSOMNIA" sublingual tablets! This can go on many nights a week, and then I might luck out and have one good night of fairly peaceful sleep (for me, good sleep is about 3-4-5 hours without having to get up multiple times).

Just wondering if others have this BOTTOM OF THE FEET thing and if so, have you figured out what's causing it or what might alleviate it?

Thanks in advance for any replies.


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are you a celiac? or gluten intolerant? how long have you been gluten free? have you had your B12 levels checked??

alot of gluten intolerant people and celiacs get numbness/tingling in their hands &/or feet due to LOW levels of B12. my sis in law had a B12 level of 211 and she was dizzy and had the tingling in her hands and feet.

ALSO-> Restless Leg Syndrome has sometimes been an issue for Celiacs.

maybe you need to get your vit.B12 & vit.D levels checked- those are the most common vitamin deficiencies in Celiacs.


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Hi cassP,

Answered your questions via Messenger. And yes, last couple of blood tests did show Vitamin D deficiency and have been taking supplements. Don't think the tests done a few days ago addressed B12, so will have to get that tested.

I also heard that Quinine/tonic water can calm restless legs and am thinking maybe it'd calm restless FEET, too...


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Quick followup on this thread:

As soon as I stopped the Lisinopril, the itchy/twitchy feet thing stopped, so I'm pretty sure that was the source of the restless FEET syndrome that caused so much insomnia. Am trying to do daily walking to address blood pressure, and maybe it will also help with the sleep problem... Time'll tell!


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    • Yes, that list I posted includes stuff to look out for in your cosmetics as well, I think. Spices get contaminated often depending on brands, sources, and packaging plants, you have to find brands that are certified, I find Spicely Orangics works here. Supplement wise I am on a ton. I take combinations of Liquid Health Brand, Stress & Energy and Neurologic Support for B-Vitamins, I take Doctors Best Chelated Powdered Magnesium. I drink a bunch of almond milk and eat a lot of nuts, seeds, green leafy veggies, and a huge viarity of foods always having a mix to balance out my needs in vitamins (I studied alot an worked with a dietician to learn what contains what and find my balance). I found a IBS targeted probitotic from jarrow seems to work best with me and no bloat. List of other supplements if you want but with celiacs different people can get different deficiencies and you should probably talk to a dietician and see about having your one regiment built up. I just listed the common ones. I was thinking about this later on and after I got off the stuff for awhile I found myself randomly vomiting from some foods, none of the brain fog, numbness, Just throwing up. Ended up I developed intolerance to certain foods like egg yolks, soy, and a few others things. I also developed allergies to corn where I would just get sores in my mouth and digestive tact and run 99-102F Fevers when I ate anything contaminated with it. And a peanut allergy that caused me to distend and swell throwing up for hours and getting a rash later on. My different reactions to different foods made my dietician laughed at how odd my body is (we both did after talking for awhile) and my doctors found it interesting and kept on wanting to run more test.
    • I will cut dairy out immediately. I have eliminated most processed foods already. I do use a lot of spices. I read labels on everything. It is so overwhelming. Is there a good list of ingredients to look for in cosmetics, soaps, supplements... ? It has been recommended that I take a probiotic, calcium and vitamin D. Do you take supplements?
    • My Celiac symptoms always flare after vaccinations.  I've been gluten free for 6 1/2 years.  I find the vaccine benefit to outweigh the temporary rise in symptoms--even though it is quite annoying. Since you've been gluten free for about a year, it's very likely you need more time to heal.  Just stick with it as best you can .  Keep getting flu shots! I think it's best to think of Celiac as a lifelong "trait" (like having red hair, for example) rather than something you can "fix". You will be OK.  Keep eating simple, healthful foods to help your body heal.  Good luck!    
    • Hello, I've had a pretty rough ride health-wise over the past year due to Coeliac. I posted a few months ago explaining my story: I've seen small, incremental improvements over the past few months (headaches starting to ease, more stomach 'rumbling' instead of just an uncomfortable bloated/full feeling etc.) and have just started back at university which I'm pleased about. However, progress is painfully slow and I was hoping to have seen more concrete improvements by now. My stomach also seems to affected by the tiniest thing (i.e. I took some ibuprofen and it upset my stomach for a week or so). Is this normal? Any advice/reassurance from others who still had fairly severe symptoms after 6-8 months gluten free would be really helpful. It can be quite tough both physically and mentally sometimes and the 'light at the end of the tunnel' can seem a long way off.  In addition, I had a flu vaccination around a month ago and since then, have had quite bad GI symptoms, headaches and fatigue which seem to occur in 'flares' of a few days before settling and then starting up again a few days later. I think they're beginning to settle down a little more now but just wondered if it's possible that the flu jab could have had this effect due to the severity of my symptoms and sensitivity of my 'system'/stomach post-diagnosis? I stick to very similar foods on a daily basis because I'm only able to tolerate a bland diet, so I can't put my finger on anything food-related that could be causing this and I'm very careful to avoid gluten and cross-contamination etc (I live at home and prepare meals myself, I don't eat out at the moment and have been 'glutened' once and these symptoms are quite different to that). Has anyone else in the earlier stages of recovery had reactions to vaccinations? Thanks everyone for your support.  
    • It really can be anywhere or any random source, Few tips, as mentioned eat whole foods only nothing processed, Use Freezer paper on your prep surfaces to fix your foods, perhaps gloves in case your touching something else (door to fridge, pantry, computer keyboard, etc) that might have trace gluten residue. Have dedicated gluten-free cooking utensils, pots, and pans. Check your soaps, shampoos, make up and other hygiene products, these might also contain gluten that could be cross contaminating.  I personally had this exact issue and broke down sold everything I had and started new in a new apartment, new appliances, new everything since I was getting sick at least twice a week and could not hold a job. I will link you to the list of gluten ingredients to look out for. Hopefully you can find the cause and not have to go as radical as I did to get relief. It might be something as simple as a spice, or a random product in you house.
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