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Hives And Angioedema

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I found out i had celiac about two and a half years ago but i have never met anyone one with the same symptoms as me aside from my sister and other im curious to see if anyone can relate.

when i first started reacting to gluten i was about 20 and my lips, eyes, feet, or hands would begin to swell inexplicably and occationally I would have severe stomach pain that i can compare only to labor contracctions. at first i took zertec thinking i had an allergy to something in the environment but i eventually relized it wasnt helping. i ended up seeing a number of doctors and specialists untill I spoke with a dietition at a hospital in Boston who suggested i be tested for celiac. it was difficult to persuade a doctor to intertain my concerns about celiac because apperntly not many doctors are familiar with the disease in Georgia. I began a gluten free diet immediately and eventually i was finally tested and diagnosed.

almost immediately after i had begun a gluten free diet the stomach pains, swelling and hives stopped alltogether. and dispite being diagnosed as infertile by numerous doctors my husband and i became pregnant right away. during my pregnancy i occationally talked to a dietition who advised me that the pregnancy may change my chemical make up and i could possibly be able to consume gluten without complications. for the first 7 months I stuck to my rigid gluten free diet but during my last few months i became a little lax and by the end of the nine months i was eating whatever i wanted with no side effects, I thought for sure i was cured but after i delivered I went back to a mostly gluten free diet. and i had no more reactions untill just recently when i stopped nursing my son.

for the last month i have been back to my rigid no gluten diet but just two days after i stopped nursing i woke up with my whole body covered in large red hives, i had never had hives this bad. the hives even wrapped around my neck and on my face and scalp. they lasted bout three days and then i began to swell as well. its been about two weeks and everyday I wake up with new hives and a severely swolen body part. today my feet are so large I am un able to walk and yesterday my fingers were so swolen i couldnt even manuver them to pick up my baby or complete ordinary tasks. along with the edema and hives my stomach is in a constant state of pain.

I really wish i hadnt tested the waters now Im afraid that i will suffer from these extreme affects forever. my sister has a theory that all the gluten that i had consumed while i was pregnant is just working its way out and after my system is clean again i will be able to control my reactions with diet alone.

Im so depressed , has anyone expeirenced anything like this? or am I alone?


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I don't have much time right now, and it will be weeks before I am back to my regular connection. You are not alone. My dd had a horrid series of episodes with this last summer. She simply ate more than usual amounts of "gluten free" food after being on a very strict whole, unprocessed foods diet. It was awful. We were using Zyrtec and Benadryl with some improvement, but she still ended up with reactive arthritis in the whole deal which was horrible. Even with Zyrtec and Benadryl she was having hives full body, even when simply walking through a grocery store with an active bakery. It was scary.

Our family has to follow a very strict gluten free diet (we are also dairy and soy free too). We do carry antihistamines and epipen for her, as we have had some odd symptoms that appear to be circulatory in nature. We have also consulted with doctors that specialize in gluten intolerance (the celiac specialists were all telling us that it seemed "allergy" derived in our brief conversations with them). We have made progress in improving her overall health, and we identified an infection that we treated as well. It has been a very complex puzzle for sure.

She still has issues with environmental gluten exposures, and we continue to be super careful with dietary choices. Simple, whole foods sourced as close to the farmer as possible (preferably direct from farmer to disclose all conditions). I hate to say this, but it is nice to feel that *we* are not alone! I haven't met others that can relate to these types of reactions, and it can be incredibly stressful. I hope that you figure this out. Oh!! We were using Naproxen to help us get out of the really bad cycle this summer, and it worked wonderfully well. She did have to use Prevacid in conjunction to help protect her intestine, so it is a horrible long term solution. But it helped us get through a few weeks of absolute misery. We ended up in rheumatology to help us after the second hospitalization. And our medical reports all indicate that it is uncertain if this was a result of her celiac disposition.

Good luck getting this under control.


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I also break out in hives when I have any gluten - I have been lucky that Benedryl works pretty quickly for me. However I did have one extremely severe incident that put me in the ER with hives in my mouth and the inability to swallow.

Hives are like the I always make sure to carry a large supply of Benedryl just in case :)


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My thoughts - either you have a wheat allergy in addition to Celiac OR something kind of like what I went through... they deemed it "chronic idiopathic urticaria and angioedima" ... which is also an autoimmune issue. I have no allergies. I had crazy/terrible hives and swelling of seeming random body parts (eye, lip, ball of foot...). Benedryl, claritin, zyrtec never worked. I had a strong antihistimine (hydroxyzine) that kept me hive-free, but in a sleepy stupor for about a year. Eventually I stopped taking them and it went away.

I wasn't diagnosed with Celiac until years later, but I'm not convinced that they're completely unrelated. I don't think it's a Celiac symptom, but like many autoimmune illnesses, they may tend to coexist.

There are a few bits and pieces of info connecting the condition with other autoimmunes:

and I read in a medical journal at one point in time that there was enough information that the condition may have a connection to Celiac enough to warrant more research... but that research to my knowledge has not been done.

I posted here about it a couple years ago. May or may not be interesting to you. =)

Edit: PS. I'd definitely recommend the hydroxyzine. It worked. And I'm sure I'd have the support of the folks here: a strict gluten free diet is THE way to go!


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I also have these troubles. the first time I ever had hives, it was awful. My doctor never diagnosed me with celiac disease but with the Idiopathic chronic hives and angioedema. I went into remission for about 2 years during which time I got married and became pregnant. And when at 5 months old, I stopped nursing, the swelling and hives have come back. I have stopped eating gluten and also have gone on the candida diet. I take 2 tbls of organic, gluten free, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (not the kind you buy in regular grocery store!!!) in 8 oz of water. This brings my body pH back into balance. I also started taking super probiotics to help restore my intestinal flora. I cannot believe how well this regime is working! I still have a few hives here and there and a few facial swellings (this morning, in fact) but it goes away quickly upon waking, and the hives don't itch. Try this it works!!!!


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    • Newly diagnosed and totally overwhelmed
      Hi!  I know I'll never forget the day I was told after an endo- and colonoscopy that I indeed had celiac disease.  I immediately went to a Trader Joe's grocery store and bought some gluten-free things to eat. about a month later I had a Total meltdown in my car outside a grocery store---feeling So Sorry for myself!   I cried and said I'll Never to able to eat what I want to again! that was 10 years ago and gluten-free foods have come a long way.... I love having a gluten-free everything bagel and delicious gluten-free 'Oreo cookies'----neither of which there were 10years ago. Everyone who has responded so far have Great Tips!  The best news is that your Diet will cure you!  I do not know of any other condition where this is true!! BTW---some of your friends and family Will understand and will make sure you aren't hung out to dry foodwise........and others just won't/can't understand and will think that just avoiding bread is enough..... Be kind, but don't risk your health to be nice to someone who forgot or doesn't understand. keep reading!  Keep trying different gluten-free foods to find what you like!   Best wishes!!  
    • Milling vs buying gluten-free flour
      It has never even been turned on. As I recall, it is capable of milling oats as well as popcorn. I don't know about coconut or other nuts but I can find out.
    • Milling vs buying gluten-free flour
      The very first question is.... Was that Retsel grain mill used for gluten before your diagnosis? If the answer is yes then the 2nd question is can it be COMPLETELY DISASSEMBLED and cleaned in every single nook & cranny? If the answer to that is no, then you can't use that grain mill because you will be continually cross contaminating yourself.  3rd question: Will that mill do things like coconut? The grains that are oily. Some mills won't. Better check that out. I got a NutriMill & it can not do oily grains or things like coconut. No oats as they're oily, same for nuts. Rice flour it does a great job on & gets it as fine as I can buy it.
    • Food tolerance issues post-diagnosis
      Boy, you've sure had a rough time of it! My heart goes out to you! I love your positive attitude about coping until your villi heal more. THAT is your greatest ally in this journey. Okay, now to your problems...... Your gut is still damaged. You aren't healed yet - you know that as you've stated it. It can be really wonky for the first 6 months to a year. It's like being on a roller coaster ride & you can have good days & sucko days & good weeks & weeks that are the absolute pits. My advice would be to ditch all the processed gluten free foods. You'll heal faster & have less problems eating "whole foods" --- fresh or frozen fruits & veggies, meats & dairy as long as you can tolerate it. Forget the corn flakes & rice krispies. They may be gluten free but it's still processed food & therefore full of all kinds of chemicals & preservatives & stuff you don't need. We always tell people to spend at least the 1st 6 months avoiding the processed foods. Time enough to get into those after you heal right? How about for breakfast you have a couple eggs, either fried or pan scrambled. Some fruit -- bananas, pears, whatever floats your boat, a glass of milk, some yogurt. You may need to have well cooked foods for a while & that means mushy veggies as well as fruit. From the sound of the extent of damage you had I would say that's where you ought to be at this point. You don't want to make things any harder on your gut than necessary for the time being. You do have one great big thing in your favor & that's your age. You're young & will by all rights heal up much faster than us old geezers who weren't diagnosed until our 50's, 60's & 70's after a lifetime of damage. Please read our Newbie 101 & follow the links contained within the threads. This will give you a ton of valuable information. Just click on it:  
    • Biopsy confirmed?
      Okay, this makes more sense now. Was the celiac test in 2014 part of the checking to find out what was wrong with you which resulted in the Barrets dx?  NO, a colonoscopy will not diagnose celiac disease at all. The biopsies for celiac disease are taken in the small intestine not the colon. You need to get your records, both past & present. If you could post them here then we'd have a much better idea of what's going on and be more able to tell you what you might be looking at. When we say you might not have been given the right celiac blood panel, we mean the FULL, CURRENT panel and not just a primary screening. The screening is good but it does miss celiacs. We have members who tested negative on all but the DgP portions so when one has a situation like yours, you need to cover all the bases & have the complete panel done. Here it is: Anti-Gliadin (AGA) IgA
      Anti-Gliadin (AGA) IgG
      Anti-Endomysial (EMA) IgA
      Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA
      Deamidated Gliadin Peptide (DGP) IgA and IgG
      Total Serum IgA   
      Also can be termed this way: Endomysial Antibody IgA
      Tissue Transglutaminase IgA 
      Total Serum IgA 
      Deamidated Gliadin Peptide (DGP) IgA and IgG   If you post your results on the blood work make sure to post the reference ranges listed because different labs have different ranges. It would be imperative to know if the doc took biopsies for celiac when he was doing the endoscopy. How many & where exactly from? Some docs just rely on visual & that's not good enough to dx celiac disease. Biopsies are the only way.
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