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What Is Your Reaction To Gluten?

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Posted 21 December 2011 - 05:09 PM

That must have been a heaven sent moment, biting into the Cheddar. :)

I kind of stopped drinking milk when I had my kids (save the milk for the kids!) and totally fell out of the habit of drinking it even after they grew up and moved away. Cheese was my only dairy source.

I'm assuming the stomach can't handle the proteins in dairy because of the damage from gluten?

I don't know if you can assume that or not. I actually have no clue.

It was sheer heaven!!! I think I was just lactose intolerant. Not sure if the casein intolerant people can add cheese back into their diet or not after they've healed. Even though I added in cheese, I just tested Haagen Daz ice cream within the last month. I really don't eat that much ice cream though. It's just nice to know I can have it even if I don't have it very often.
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Positive Celiac Blood Panel - Dec., 2009
Endoscopy with Positive Biopsy - April 9, 2010
Gluten Free - April 9, 2010

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Posted 21 December 2011 - 08:53 PM

I could just picture you biting into your piece of heaven.

You know, one thing (out of the many) that I'm learning is it's the small things that were once taken for granted that come to be special.

Happy cheese eating. :)
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Posted 11 August 2014 - 06:10 AM

What great timing! Today I went to downtown St. Pete and had lunch from a place that said gluten free - vegan and organic foods. I ordered lunch and asked at least three time about gluten and how I would get sick. The guy said "oh no, I wouldn't want to get sick and wouldn't want to get others sick". I was really sick an hour later!

With me it's like the four hour flu - vomiting, body aches, diarhea, and in bed for the next 3 to 4 hours being tortured. I would love to have some of the other symptoms that others get - rash, irritable, or even just diarrhea. Not sure why I get hit so hard when I do but it really is bad. , I only get hit like this if the food I eat contains wheat. If it's just cross contamination, then I only experience bloating for about 20 minutes. If I lay down it spreads out my insides and relieves the pressure. :rolleyes: I don't know why, but laying down always helps.

I have been diagnosed with Celiac about 6 years ago...just recently in the past three months I ate a piece of cake that was supposedly gluten free and it was total wheat flour (!) and I had the vomiting thing for hours and felt miserable and shaky for about 10 hours after.  Just the worst.  Then, yesterday I had Lay's Sour Cream and Onion potato chips and was very sick for many hours, starting with dizziness and head feeling weird.  The vomiting thing is new for me and I am usually so careful, so discouraging.  Just was looking to see if others experience the vomiting thing as well...thanks for your post, I know I am not the only one and it isn't Something Else.  Thanks!

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Posted 16 December 2014 - 04:30 PM

If I eat a tiny bit of gluten - I get stomach acid that bubbles up in my throat and I can't swallow, then this kind of mucus thing where it just comes up and won't stop for hours. Its foul - and I have had it in cafes and stuff - so embarrassing.

If I eat lots of gluten (which I will never ever do ever again) I get intersussception. They explain it like the bowel telescopes on itself like it kind of eats a part of itself. It is the most painful and scary thin I have ever been through-I have been in labour and its very similar in pain and it lasts for hours except this can kill you and usually labour doesn't :rolleyes:

But basically if I eat gluten I know it instantly. I don't think I react to anything else whatsoever.

I've since found out that the stomach acid not being able to swallow thing is due to Eosiniphilic Esophagitis. They are co-morbid conditions, and there are a few people on this forum who also have both. 

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HLA DQ8, gluten-free since January 2011



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Posted 02 March 2015 - 07:23 AM

I was diagnosed as a celiac in 1996. (Age 50) I lost about 60 lbs. thought I was dying till Dr. found my problem, it was confirmed with all the usual test.  I went gluten-free, and my wife did too...   We became label readers...  1st.  trip to a grocery store took 2-3 hours checking things we used to buy.  We made wholesale changes in our diets.  At the time I was diagnosed, my symptoms were stomach cramps,bloating, diarrhea,gas, and Irritable disposition.  6 months into my diet, I gained back 20 lbs, and all outward symptoms were gone.  I underwent the test again One year after diagnosis I was nearly recovered.

     Over the years I have been glutened several times. I too learned to never take anyones word that something is gluten-free.

After all these years I'm not as sensitive to gluten as I once was, but I stay on my diet, and try to avoid putting myself in a situation of 

cross contamination.  I still occasionally receive a little accidental contamination, but it's not by choice...


Knowingly eating wheat is like playing Russian roulette with a celiacs health.  Why gamble when you know what it does to you.

(BTW:  My disposition improved when I went on a gluten-free diet.)

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