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Food Allergies And Weight Loss

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I find it interesting that now that I have figured out all of my food allergies (gluten, lactose, nuts, and anything from the onion family which includes garlic), AND I made absolutely certain to omit these items from my diet, that I no longer have stomach distress (which my brain tends to interpret as hunger). Because if this, I now am able to eat normal portions, not snack, and am losing 2 pounds a week. Five years ago when I found out about my gluten allergy and went on a careful and very healthy whole foods type diet, I was only able to lose 3 pounds a month. Now that I have removed onions and garlic (and their powders added all over the place to processed foods and frozen dinners), I can finally be away from my food focus. My stomach always bothered me and I was always looking for something healthy but low-cal and satisfying. With onion and garlic removed, my life has changed! I wanted to post this for the mom whose children display symptoms of Celiac Disease but whose biopsies are negative. My reflux and primarily heartburn and indigestion problems came from my lactose intolerance. That was the first food allergy I discovered at 52. Could finally stop single-handedly supporting the Pepto-Bismal manufacturer! Gluten gave me severe pain at nighttime and the doctor figured that out for me at age 56. Last year, when I started having more abdominal pain, I had a small-bowel follow-through test and it showed nothing sinister. Several months later I started wondering about the onion/garlic connection, which is much more common than I would have realized. That turned out to be a turning point! Anyway, I am one happy camper now, health-wise, but pretty bummed cooking-wise. I have found I can substitute the very mild Nappa cabbage, finally cut, for onions to give a twang to the taste of things AND it cooks down to something that looks like an onion. I used it in my gluten free stuffing over Xmas and everyone thought it tasted great! Horseradish is a good sub for garlic.


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Yikes! giving up garlic and onions in my house would be even harder than giving up gluten!

Can you tell me what led you to suspect onions and garlic? I would never have suspected those.


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    • It starts as a piercing itch and the skin turns reddish with a few tiny red bumps. Then tiny watery vesicles appear and itch like crazy. The whole process from start to finish is about 3 weeks and the lesions leave a purplish skin tone and scab. I get them on the back side of both knees near the bend.  Sometimes it's just a few scattered vesicles in the same area. I've had Drs say eczema or herpes. My next step is to find a dermatologist familiar with dh. Thanks for the input.
    • DH can look like that but other things can as well. It would help if you described the way it acts/presents. You can get a dh biopsy. Read threads in this section to find out how the biopsy is done correctly. 
    • my celiac was triggered by pregnancy.  had no clue.  symptoms creeped up (started with indigestion, deemed as 'colitis' or 'ibs') but eventually all the ones you mentioned above all joined the party.  sounds like you are headed in the right direction.  one of the points of diagnosis is the reaction to the gluten-free diet.  keep digging.  half the people on here don't have a firm diagnosis (science really needs to catch up with this disease)  and a false negative blood test is fairly common, for whatever reason - if you've not been eating gluten every day for like 8 weeks, it may not detect antibodies, which is what these tests are measuring.  sorry you're having this dilemma!  hope you find some answers.
    • tom & chee!  good to know   they grill the sandwich on a separate pan?  or do you just order soup and salad.  so cool to find more places to eat out!!
    • Hi everybody,  I have had symptoms of Celiac since mid pregnancy and they have gotten worse over the last 5 months post partum. I have constipation, periods stopped, extreme fatigue,  joint pain, weak muscles, dizzyness, migraines, light sensitivity,  pins and needles in hands and feet, elevated TSH, depreason and anxiety. Was put on thyroid meds but it didn't help any of my symptoms. My doctor told me to try gluten free and reintroduce it. I tried it for 2 weeks and started feeling quite a bit better, then reintroduced it and felt worse than ever! It's definitely a gluten problem. She suggested I get the Celiac panel run so I got tested for Ttg iga, DGP igg and EMA all came back NEGATIVE! by this point I had only reintroduced gluten for a few days. She said my antibodies shouldn't go down by much in this time frame. Should I push for a referral to a GI doctor? I don't know why I feel the need for diagnosis? Probably my mother in law laughing when I said I can't eat gluten anymore and she tried to offer me things like donuts, saying it's just a little.  She just doesn't get it. So now, do I suffer for 6 weeks to get the biopsy or just stop eating gluten and be done with it.  I have also noticed while introducing new foods to my baby that he throws up whenever I give him anything wheat based. I doubt they can diagnose a baby and I refuse to damage his intestines for a diagnosis.  Maybe I should get my daughter tested as well? She is 3 and has been complaining of upset tummy and is frequently constipated. She is growing well though but is also quite thin. She is not a big eater. She may be constipated because she holds it. She is afraid to poop on the potty. Since I have had symptoms for only about 10 months, could there not be much damage yet? Sorry for the long post! 
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