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Question About Whey

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i believe that i am sensitive to foods with whey in them, however i just recently discovered that whey is a milk protien.(hey i'm new at this)

would this mean that i should avoid all dairy? i always recognized avoiding dairy as an intollerance to dairy products (which i already have) or as an allerty to caseins.

it would be very helpfull if someone could clear this up for me!


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Im not sure if I understood your question totally, but from my understanding if you are allergic to Whey or Casein ( they are both derivitaves of dairy) than you should be avoiding all dairy products. That's my udnerstanding anyway.

As a side note, casein and whey are in a lot of things!!!...Most cookies, crackers, baked things....etc...


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Here is what I have found, but if it is not correct, then someone please correct me.

There is a difference between lactose (milk sugar) intolerance and casein (milk protein) intolerance. I have never heard of being specifically intolerant to whey, but whey contains both lactose and casein, so an intolerance to either of the others would cause a reaction. Lactose intolerance is often temporary (and is very common with celiac disease in the early healing stages), so if that is your problem then you may not need to give up dairy forever. If it is casein you have a problem with, then you must give up ALL dairy. And Laura is right, read the labels, many foods contain milk derivatives in some form!

But many gluten-free companies recognize that many of us can't have dairy, and offer many gluten free/dairy free items as well. If it says casein free then it is dairy free.

God bless,



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thanks for the insights...i'm still struggling to figure out exactly what is hurting me and what isn't. whaaat a challange indeed :rolleyes:


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Just to share another experience with dairy:

My girlfriend Andrea went on the gluten free diet about 7 months ago. That went well at first and she felt soooo much better than she ever has that we didnt really think much of her being sick sparatically maybe once a week or so.

Eventually we tied the sparatic sickness to dairy, and she has since also cut out soy. Since cutting out all things she has been fine (with the exception of a particularly horrible incident last night that we still aren't sure what the cause was).

My uncle who has an autistic-celiac son has explained to me that the proteins in gluten, caesine and soy are all VERY similar and that in many cases a celiacs body is so damaged from gluten that it looses the ability to distinguish between these proteins. From what I've read, celiacs that stay on the strict gluten-free, cf, sf diet for several years usually gain back the ability to properly digest caesine and soy.

My suggestion would be to try cutting out dairy, and maybe soy too, if you stop feeling sick then there ya go!




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      I've had people say strange things about celiac to me lately... Like someone said, "Oh I'm just a mild celiac so I don't have to worry about cross-contamination." And then someone else said that they're celiac but things have calmed down now so they can have a bit of gluten here and there. And I told my doctor that back in 2014 I thought I had been gluten free but I actually wasn't because I had been repeatedly glutening myself with an old colander. And he just looked at me like I was insane, like a colander?? Sure... I'm not crazy, right? Even if you have no symptoms you have to avoid cross-contamination because you can be doing damage internally right? You can never have 'just a bit'. And a colander is a big source of cross-contamination right?? I know all this but why do these other people not? Why does my doctor not know? So confusing and spreading misinformation... And then they look at me like *I'M* crazy.
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      Look up FODMAPS.   That might clarify things for you.  There really are a lot of diet recommendations so make sure you bring a list of questions regarding foods to your doctor's  and dietician's appointments.  
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      Thank you for sharing those web sites. I will look at them. We have been gluten free since December so it's been a while. Once, he had a gluten free beer, the kind that they take the gluten out, and his legs felt very heavy and had a more difficult time walking. I really don't want to experiment.  Although I am very careful about what we eat, I am concerned that some of our medication could contain gluten. Is there any easier way to tell if medication has gluten. I did find a website which listed drugs and known gluten but every drug was on it or was determined to be gluten free
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      I don't have celiac but doctors or amazed I don't so they told me to fallow the gluten-free diet like I have it... any way I was wondering if one can have corn, corn starch if they have fructose malabsorption. I am so confused on what I can and can't have.. i have an appt next week hopefully with a dietitian... also can you have sugar free stuff since it's not sugar.. I'm reading online and I'm getting a bunch of mixed info on both. 
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      Hi all.  Still feeling the same way this past week. I'm thinking of dropping dairy starting from today, I don't know if I have a problem with it or not, but I drink 2 coffees a day with milk. I'm just constantly tired all the time, and getting trough the day is pretty hard, I noticed a couple of weeks ago that my sleep was improving but the last couple of days I have been waking up at least 3 times during the night, then when I get up in the morning it feels like I have been hit by a bus, like I haven't slept at all. I keep waking up during the night needing to drink water as I feel dehydrated, I don't know why as I drink 2-3 litres of water everyday 
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