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Probiotics - Which Brand And Do I Have To Worry About Gluten?

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I have taken Probiotics in the past, even before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I was taking 15 billion organisms and when compared to my new dosage of 100 million I realize how well the 15 billion was working for me. I am realizing that I really need Probiotics, because they did seem to help. I think it was a Vitacost brand (been awhile).

I was wondering do I have to worry about Gluten being in Probiotics? I previously read some threads out here about Probiotics having gluten in them. Is this true?

And does anyone know if Vitacost is okay? Can anyone recommend a 10-15 billion organism probiotic that is $15-$20 that is Gluten-free?



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I can't recall hearing of probiotics containing gluten. Wondering whether it might've been in a combo pill as opposed to a 'just probiotic'.

They really can make a noticeable difference, can't they? I remember being glad to have something as clearcut as it was for me, otherwise buried in so many wishy-washy inconclusives re pills, treatments, other (non-gluten) foods.

I don't know Vitacost brand, but I think there are many good options.

I've seen it said that occasionally changing brands is recommended, as the gut appreciates the variety, but I can't say whether it's true or even generally thought to be true. I'd like to hear what others w/ more experience would comment on that.

I ended up finding that brands grown w/ dairy affect me, but as it's not really an ingredient, doesn't need to be on the label. :(

Lately I've been using one labeled 'Vegetarian Formula", which is manufactured some other way. At Whole Foods, I get the green-lidded PB8 - their regular one has a blue lid.

Says 14 billion. I'm not sure what significance there is to some being refrigerated in the store & some not. These aren't tho I keep 'em in the fridge at home.

But my main point is that I think you'll find there are a lot of good choices for gluten-free probiotics.


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I've taken a few different ones but the one that is now working the best for me is Align. My nutritionist was the one who recommended is a bit higher in cost than some of the others but my God, it is great. You only take it once a day and it has definitely helped my system get more balanced. I have a standing order placed with a big online retailer and it comes in at a little over $20 for a 28-day supply. I've just found out my BJs is supposed to carry it in a big pack so I'm going to check the price there.


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    • Your body has been used to ingesting and has been coping with the gluten in its systems.  DON'T PANIC because your body is doing it for you.   Seriously now, the medical field has a technological term defining when a system is used to working a certain way/routine.  When that is either disrupted or changed, it could take a while for the body adjust to a different way of doing things.  Another factor in the increase in symptoms could possibly be that your body is starting to "clean house".  It's trying to get rid of the amounts of gluten hiding out in all its nooks and crannies.  It is going to be a long term process.  It's like cleaning out a vacuum hose or other household item that is just caked with gunk.  The first cleaning gets rid of a large portion of the gunk and ick.  The subsequent cleanings gets rid of more and more ick but in lesser amounts. I thought I was going to go crazy those first few months, but things are a lot better now. (I am about 10 months gluten free).  I still have moments of brain fog and even episodes, but my body is getting closer (and more used to)  to having a cleaner "household item".  I know it's tough at first with the increased onslaught of symptoms, but hang in there.   You may want to keep a journal of all that you ingest or come into contact with for a time to track anything that could exacerbate symptoms.  (For me, my episodes are chemically triggered as well.)  If for some reason a few months down the road, you still have large amounts of symptoms it would be a good idea to visit your GP again just in case there something else that is going on.  
    • I would love some help! After 20ish years of being misdiagnosed with IBS, I was diagnosed with celiac disease (positive blood test for tTG IgA and positive duodenal biopsy) ~ 6 weeks ago. Of course I've gone completely gluten free, and I've been crazy paranoid careful not to ingest any gluten. I've also completely avoided all oats (even certified gluten free) and cut out lactose (due to transient lactose intolerance... because I don't have villi) . But now I feel WAY WORSE. I've had abdominal pain every single day, which ranges from mild aching to severe 10/10 laying on the floor crying and vomiting pain. I understand that it takes a long time to get better, but why would I get so much worse? My best guess is SIBO, but I can't imagine that it could cause such extreme symptoms, can it?  So my question to you fine folks is: did this happen to anyone else? Have you gotten sicker after you changed your diet? Is this normal?  For arguments sake, lets assume that I did not ingest any gluten to cause these symptoms... Thank you for your help!
    • Thanks very much Cyclinglady. Yes, it is Kaiser. I doctor said the GI think it is unlikely to be celiac deisease (he did not say how he came to this conclusion), but he would be happy to do an upper endoscopy for me. I did some look up online, this procedure should be low risk. Still feel a little hesitate while reading the potential risks :(.
    • I would suggest you test your daughter through a doctor. The Enterolab tests are not recognized as accurate or reliable by the medical profession. See this link from the Chicago Celiac Disease Center:
    • Sorry.  Something is wonky with either my connection or! Your results are not specific...borderline.    That is why your PCP should refer you to a GI for further celiac blood tests and a possible endoscopy.  I recognize the lab report form.  Kaiser?  If so, a PCP can not order a full celiac panel.  Only a GI can do so.  Why bother?  Because if you test like me, the TTG tests are always negative.  Request the EMA and the DGPS test via a GI.   Do not be fooled by a lack of abdominal symptoms.  I was only anemic -- no abdominal issues at all.  Constipation is a symptom.  Your PCP is thinking is just historical Classic celiac disease symptoms.   Please email your doctor for the referral if you think you might have celiac disease and want a solid answer.    
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