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Justin's Candy

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I'm pretty snobby about my chocolate. I made the mistake the other night of bring my husband with me to the store, he about dropped dead when he saw the $9.95 price tag on the chocolate bar I wanted and I left without anything. <_< (I'll just go back without him, I don't think he understands how this chocolate thing works.) Anywho, I was trying to track down the newest issue of Living Without and headed to the closest health food store next. At the checkout stand they had a huge display of Justin's peanut butter cups. I grabbed a pack of the dark chocolate ones, read the ingredients and package, shushed my husband about 600 times while he freaked out about $2 peanut butter cups, and threw them on the belt.

I miss candy, I mostly miss peanut butter cups. The chocolate was really good quality, smooth, rich dark chocolate. The peanut butter had a nice salty taste, and really went well with the chocolate. It is organic, points but meh I don't require organic. It is fair trade, which is something that I need from my chocolate. Anyone who loves peanut butter cups but can't stand low quality, waxy crap (or has simply outgrown it as I have) should give these a try. They are positively outstanding!


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My husband would balk at the price too, but he would get the chocolate too. He knows life is better with chocolate. (He grew up with 5 sisters!)


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My husband is still on the learning curve about chocolate. Whether or not he is enjoying it, his life is better when *I* have chocolate! :lol:


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    • Hi everybody,  I have had symptoms of Celiac since mid pregnancy and they have gotten worse over the last 5 months post partum. I have constipation, periods stopped, extreme fatigue,  joint pain, weak muscles, dizzyness, migraines, light sensitivity,  pins and needles in hands and feet, elevated TSH, depreason and anxiety. Was put on thyroid meds but it didn't help any of my symptoms. My doctor told me to try gluten free and reintroduce it. I tried it for 2 weeks and started feeling quite a bit better, then reintroduced it and felt worse than ever! It's definitely a gluten problem. She suggested I get the Celiac panel run so I got tested for Ttg iga, DGP igg and EMA all came back NEGATIVE! by this point I had only reintroduced gluten for a few days. She said my antibodies shouldn't go down by much in this time frame. Should I push for a referral to a GI doctor? I don't know why I feel the need for diagnosis? Probably my mother in law laughing when I said I can't eat gluten anymore and she tried to offer me things like donuts, saying it's just a little.  She just doesn't get it. So now, do I suffer for 6 weeks to get the biopsy or just stop eating gluten and be done with it.  I have also noticed while introducing new foods to my baby that he throws up whenever I give him anything wheat based. I doubt they can diagnose a baby and I refuse to damage his intestines for a diagnosis.  Maybe I should get my daughter tested as well? She is 3 and has been complaining of upset tummy and is frequently constipated. She is growing well though but is also quite thin. She is not a big eater. She may be constipated because she holds it. She is afraid to poop on the potty. Since I have had symptoms for only about 10 months, could there not be much damage yet? Sorry for the long post! 
    • The best thing you can do is get to your regular doctor and have a celiac panel run. You might also ask to see an allergist. Be sure to keep eating gluten until all celiac related testing is done.
    • Sounds like you may be alleric to something in both products. Next time you are at the store compare the ingredients of each to see if they have one in common that you don't think you eat in other products..  It might be a good idea to schedule an appointment with your doctor for a referral to an alergist to be on the safe side.
    • I don't know if this will help while you are waiting on the endoscopy but figured it might so here goes... If your life permits you could try going to bed so you can get up a couple hours earlier. Then eat something shortly after you are up like Cream of Buckwheat or Cream of Rice, an egg or something else gluten-free. You don't have to have gluten at each meal while waiting for your testing to be finished and something gluten-free for breakfast may sit better. You can get your gluten at lunch or dinner. By getting up a couple hours earlier that may allow you system to 'clear' the D and relieve a bit of the anxiety.  Ask your doctor if you can take something like Immodium with the antidepressant. That may help your day be easier and lessen the D the next morning.
    • I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this.  I have been eating toasted Udi's gluten free cinnamon raisin bread the last few mornings with either butter or almond butter.  This morning, right after eating it, I started having uncontrollable, violent fits of coughing and choking.  I was finally able to drink a lot of water, then I had a Ricola lozenge and took some ibuprofen, and my system finally calmed down.   I had this same experience several years ago after eating some gluten free Van's waffles.  Has this happened to anyone else?  I'm at a loss, as I've never reacted to butter or almond butter this way, and not to the ingredients listed on the Udi's package, unless I have an undiagnosed sensitivity to something.  This was scary, needless to say, I will be avoiding Udi's products. 
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