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Hi guys,

I've read a few threads about some celiac sufferers, and feeling chills as a symptom. I do also have this. My question is regarding the nature of the chills, like were they induced by anything in particular? For instance, touch or cold? Thanks for any replies, would be very appreciated.


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Hi Jonoh, can't really help you there as I believe my chills are brought on by an underactive thyroid....(mind me living in the UK and it being -5 today doesnt help ! :( )

Have you been tested for celiac?

Have you any other symptoms?


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Oh gosh, loads of other symptoms. Bloating, swinging between D/C, sometimes suffer from a dry mouth, abdominal pains - which aren't so frequent nowadays, but all through school, I'd get horrible pains EVERY morning, dry skin, constant chapped lips, muscular/joint pains, these itchy bumps/blisters (which I suspect MAY be mild DH, derm appointment soon) and the list goes on lol.

I haven't been tested for Celiac yet, I'm going tomorrow to get my b12, folate, calcium levels and stuff run. I imagine if it is celiac, there'd be some sort of abnormalities in these tests? Also, my brother also suffers from a lot of the bowel symptoms that I do, which make me lean toward celiac as I know there is some sort of genetic aspect to the disease.

I have had some bloods done before, including my thyroid, which came back normal. However, I have read about needing to get a full panel done or something, as there's a lot of inaccuracy with these tests?

I was also diagnosed with a UTI recently, which I've been told is abormal for a young male (I'm 20), I was wondering if there's anyway this may have a correlation to celiac? I've read a bit about kidney stones and celiac, but I dunno. I guess the ultrasound will tell me what's going on. Thanks for the reply, by the way :)


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Well I'm pretty new to this myself as Ive only recently been dx but Im sure you'll find lots of info on here and get some response.

But as far as I'm aware, if you do have celiac then you probably have a weak immune system /vitamin deficiency etc so theres many many symptoms of celiac.

May be worth asking them to test for celiac (full panel) when they do the other tests (you need to have been eating gluten for a few weeks though or you can get a false negative).

Good luck with the testing and let us know how it goes ...


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    • Marip, Have you been diagnosed with celiac disease or Non-celiac Gluten Intolerance?  I notice you joined in 2014.  Did you ever go guten free?  How can we help?   Sorry, I'm not a stool expert!  You could Google it...  Malabsorption?  Standard lab tests that check for anemia and vitamin deficiencies, etc.  should help make that diagnosis.  
    • You can eat just a slice or two (or equivalent) of bread a day for accurate testing.   I understand about the high deductibles.  We're self-employed and we pay for our health insurance. 
    • Sure, if it's gluten free, then fine.  I am very allergic (like anaphylactic) to ibuprofen and aspirin.  So, in my case, I would just tough it out.  Go to bed.  Sleep it off.....eventually. My money is on the garlic and onions.  I can't consume those either (damn that zonulin/leaky gut -- google it along with Dr. Fasano).  I just season with salt, pepper.  Boring.  But no gut issues.  I'm hoping like my lactose intolerance (resolved), that I will get garlic and onions back.   Finally, sometimes just eating anything can hurt when you still have intestinal damage.  Hopefully, you'll feel better in two or three hours if it's celiac related.  Longer if it's an intolerance (leaky gut thing....) Hugs!      
    • I read on their website that all Advil is gluten free, I had such bad pinching cramping today(which I don't why since I prepared all my food at home today.) I made a pot roast, salt garlic, onions...No gluten but still pain, That's the only thing I ate today..I don't eat breakfast or anything.   Anyways.   Is it a good idea to take Advil for the cramping? That's how I would describe it like someone is reaching inside me and pinching me and twisting my insides.    This is what I took  
    • I'll give my PCP a call tomorrow and see what they can offer. My only worry is the expense as anymore tests will put me behind in being able to afford to see the GI. I have high deductible insurance but get money put into my HSA. I'm still trying to pay off the CT scan though. Which is why I'm trying to pick and choose which poses the greatest risk for me right now and what can wait. (Though I would prefer not to wait on any of it.)

      I really do hope its only IBS. Though I always worry IBS is more or less a doctors way of saying "I have no clue" at that point. :C

      Again, I'll be sure to give my PCP a call tomorrow then and see what the options are. I can feel a lot better trying the blood work first. however, once that is done, do I still need to be on a gluten diet before the endoscopy? Also, is it ok if I still mildly reduce the gluten. As in, can I avoid a whole wheat pasta dinner, but still be eating the peanut butter crackers? That sort of thing. Again I guess that is more of a doctor related question. I just wasn't sure if in order to raise your chance, you have to mass consume gluten or not. (Its already in just about everything to begin with.)   --Edit--
      I just now reread the part that you still need to be on the gluten foods even for biopsy so I'll be sure to do that too.
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