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Celiac's disease and depression & anxiety



6 years ago I started having anxiety. Over time it got worse. Then came depression. I was treated with 50+ medications, a year of ECT treatments. Nothing helped. 

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4 years ago my doctor at the time thought I might have celiac's disease. At the time I did not have health insurance, and could not afford to see a specialist. 

2 years ago I was diagnosed with celiac's disease.

Since going totally gluten free. My depression is gone, and my anxiety is better. Adding vitamins and suppliments to helped due to malabsorption. Adding daily exercise helped. 

Dispite all of this, a small amount of my symptoms still exist. When I mention these to my PCP, and ask if the symptoms are possibly from other things. Example: hypothyroid, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, perimenopause, PMDD, or other mental illnesses. She has no idea what to say to me. Usually it is "try this new medication for a while and come back". That medication doesn't help. I have crazy side effects. Because it is used to treat something I don't have. 

Does anyone else relate to this?

How do you get your doctor to recognize and help what is really going on with you?

What helped, and what did it treat?

Any suggestions for anything I mentioned?


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I saw huge improvements when I finally eliminated cross contamination from my diet. This meant no oats.

I think going dairy free, corn free, grain free and avoiding processed foods helped. It took about a month for the diet for it to start working. I have gout and when my uric acid level in my blood is lower I tend to feel better. I take some glutamine powder and eat lots of vegetables. I suspect all of this helps. I am not really sure why though. I still have some minor symptoms, such as a little bit of anxiety,  but I sense they are slowly fading. It is kindof mysterious to me what is happening.

I also started taking a complete multivitamin and have removed alcohol from my diet.


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