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UC Flare....



Well I had been doing great but my Ulcerative Colitis flared bad the past few days.
I have many suspected culprits as I tried a few new things and changed up my diet quite a bit the following are the suspects. Pumpkin Pie Spice and Pumpkin in the new scones/cookies, Chia meal I used for making a chia pudding, a new caffeinated flavored coffee I tried from a local store (the decaf ones never bothered me), a new wrap I found from crepnni, some canned chicken from HEB, and a homemade spice I made with kale chips, paprika, nutritional yeast, a bit of garlic, onion, and chili powder.

Slowly rotating them out of my diet one at a time seeing what it is, but still in constant pain, with D.

I can honestly feel the pains location, it started off feeling like a wet beach towel rolled up longways and stuffed in my large intestines a heavy feeling that wrapped all the way around them but no center issues. Then imagine someone grabbing sections of your large intestines with that heavy wet towel in it and trying to wring it out then at the end of the squeeze a dull nail gets stabbed into it. This was proceeded with bloody stool then D for the past few days, the pain has changed to where it feels like a giant snake trying to navigate my large intestine.

I can tell it is not gluten...no vomiting, no nerve issues, no center gut pain or stomach pain, no mental issues, anxiety, etc. Just pain in the outer rim of my gut going around (large intestine), Bleeding and D. The pain is extremely annoying, I am to the point of wanting to take extreme measures to clean it out but I know the damage will take time to heal and I need to adjust my diet to more keto, no spices, and smooth lowering my fiber intake and upping my marshmallow root, slippery elm, and aloe vera intake. Now the waiting game begins -_-



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I think I found what caused all this pain and bleeding -_-, The kale chips I used as a based for the seasoning....I had removed the silica packet before I processed the Rythem Kale Chips with extra kale and seasoning....But I found out today that the silica packet is empty.....meaning it had opened into the kale before I removed it....so I was eating ground silica shards for a few days ground into a seasoning pretty sure ground up in a food processor that way made them like ground glass...how else do I end up with this much pain and bleeding in a few days from just a food?  >.< I was putting a few tbsp of this ground seasoned kale powder in my eggs for a few days.

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Wow, I've never tried silica powder seasoning Ennis!  I guess I'll  skip it too!  :)

Bummer on the silica leaking into your kale chips.  I've never really paid a lot of attention to those silica packets myself.  Hadn't even considered that they might leak into the foods.  Definitely something to watch out for in the future though.

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I thought it was getting better, I started taking some meds for the pain as it was getting worse(baclofen and acetaminophen). Then last night I get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and it was pretty much all clotted blood chunks and severe pain. Spent the night on the floor in there. This morning I could not work out normally, no core, not fast moment I just did some arm work sitting down...this is a first to really skip a day in over 5 years. I forced myself to eat...I took some ground turkey browned it, put in a blender with 1 cup egg whites, 1 cup water, 2 eggs, 1 scoop bone broth protein 1 scoop collagen protein blended it then cooked it in a stoneware pot in the microwave for 5 mins....really bland sorta nasty but contains what I need to help recover. I tried to eat it with some pork rinds but gave up those after a few. Went with a glass of warm unsweetened vanilla almond milk instead of coffee after to clear my palatte.
Honestly I am sore for my muscles pulling tight from the pain...waiting for the GI doc to call back and thinking about booking with my massage therapist to have the tense back muscles calmed down as they stay tight and ache.

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So sorry to hear this.  I am glad you called your GI.  

This is just my opinion, but why the powdered stuff?  Can you not make your own bone broth?  And ground turkey.   There was a huge recall this past year.  Make sure it is cooked to eliminate the bacteria.  

Be careful!  

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The bone broth...when ever I make it homemade I have to throw it away, the fats/oils in it just float ontop of my stomach and make me sick. The powdered stuff is chicken bone broth.

I will give a bit of a positive update....well since my stomach has a 2-4 hour transit time now and no longer holds onto solid foods....I am eating whole ground beef, ground turkey and whole cooked eggs just scrambled or poached. First time in years I can eat the stuff straight and not vomit...it does go right though me but I am enjoying it while I can....bit bummed I can not really season it but meh. I would be happy if this aspect sticks around much cheaper diet and more freedom.
My father insisted I try GasX stating it would coat and sooth my intestines so on that also...and taking half doses of the acetaminophen every 4 hours so no wax/wain in effectiveness. Also I am wondering if that enterade will help with healing faster....ordered a case and they gave me 15% off.
I have lost 8lbs in the past few days -_-

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But can’t you just cool the broth in the refrigerator and take off the hardened fat when it congeals at the top? 

I think the enterade will just help with dehydration not necessarily healing.  But I am not a doctor.  

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