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Vitamin Deficiency Testing

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knitty kitty


I found this site linked below, written by a pathologist for doctors doing vitamin deficiency testing.  

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Points of interest include:

Patient should not be taking supplements at time of testing.  Ideally, supplements should be discontinued three to six weeks before testing for vitamin deficiencies.  There are exceptions.  Most B vitamins can not be stored in the body longer than three weeks.  Supplementing with vitamins will skew the tests for deficiencies.

Patient should be fasting before vitamin deficiency testing because eating food can temporarily raise vitamin levels.

Most of the B vitamins do not have an upper limit or toxicity level because they are safe and water soluble (the body can easily flush excesses out).

Plasma concentrations of vitamins do not directly reflect concentrations in tissues.  

Concentrations of vitamins in urine tests do not reflect tissue stores.  

Risk factors for vitamin deficiencies include malabsorption diseases (Celiac Disease) and inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn's and Colitis).

Deficiency in one vitamin is rare.  The group of B vitamins all work together and are dependent on each other to function properly.  If you're deficient in one, you need to supplement all the B vitamins.

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Recommended Comments

Knitty Kitty,

Thank you for starting a blog post about this information.

Test(s) often marginalize a deficiency even when taking a B-Vitamin/complex can help many people even when the cut-off for the test show a marginal deficiency.

See this research that shows over a 1/3 of women in the UK  has a marginal Riboflavin deficiency and nearly a 1/2 of men have marginal Riboflavin deficiency depending on EGRAC score/method used to determine the deficiency.

They have thus argued another cut-off level for a Riboflavin deficiency needs to be established to recognize the true rate of Riboflavin deficiency.

See this research entitled "Effects of methodological variation on assessment of riboflavin status using the erythrocyte glutathione reductase activation coefficient assay"


We know this is happening on regular basis because "marginal Riboflavin" status IE a normal test.....for Riboflavin status using the current EGRAC standard helps young women with their Iron abnormalities....

And Riboflavin is a common(ly) over looked cause of Anemia in women proven by it's ability to shield woman from developing low iron (anemic levels) while and after Riboflavin supplementation.

See this article about this issue with Low (Marginal) Riboflavin after supplementation helped Iron status in young women in the UK. 

Here is the research about this issue entiled..."Correcting a marginal riboflavin deficiency improves hematologic status in young women in the United Kingdom (RIBOFEM)"


It a (marginal Riboflavin deficiency) is also been shown to be occurring in other affluent countries as well not thought to be caused by poor nutritional status....

See this study about women in Canada having the same issues with "Sub-Optimal levels" of Riboflavi and higher rates of Anemia...


And Note: this is in tests that within in accepted normal ranges....depending on what cut-off EGRAC value is used to determine the deficiency....

And remember this is worse in men....men have a worse/higher levels of marginal/low Riboflavin status than women.

I had this happen to me!  I had low T before taken Riboflavin and the beginnings of a thyroid problem due to my low (undiagnosed) Riboflavin levels.....

Except I had Angular Cheilitis too!  A classic sign of a Riboflavin deficiency!

And the Doctor still missed my undiagnosd Vitamin deficiency.

As always I hope this is helpful to the next person in line....but it is not medical advise.

Ignorance of Vitamin deficiencies  is killing people IMO....at least it was in my case...

And all my doctor could tell me was to stop licking my lips (so much) because it was the reason for my Angular Cheilitis (Leaky Lips) that crusted over with sores!

As always, 2 Tim 2:7 “Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things”included.

Stay Safe!

Posterboy by the grace of God,

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Lol, I had low T, too, and I'm a girl! And the angular chelitis, chapped lips, and a waxy, flaky rash around my mouth, nose, chin area!  

The doctor wanted to do an implant for the testosterone levels, but I didn't get it.  He couldn't explain why the testosterone was low in the first place, so I knew it would be just a bandaid without getting to the root of the problem. That doctor was just one of the many doctors who completely missed  my vitamin deficiencies.

I agree, doctors and people in general overlook vitamin deficiency symptoms.  Ignorance about vitamin deficiencies nearly killed me, too.  

Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin and Vitamin C should be taken every day.  Especially with the CoVid virus around because these help your immune system so much!

Thanks for sharing!

Knitty Kitty


Edited by knitty kitty

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