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Rice? !!!

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After the onset of gut problems over 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac.  After some experimentation over months (years) I have shown that wheat, rye, barley hurt me. But that Oats, even gluten-free oats hurt me.

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And now I have realised that I get bloating from RICE!. Living in asia that seems to be the final injustice!  I avoid all gluten, Soy sauce, bottled sauces etc.  I can eat Quinoa and I make my own bread from coconut and tapioca/casava flour.  I had lunch out today (Bicol express and rice) and was bloated and sleepy all afternoon.

I realise that rice is a true cereal but the entire protein containing germ should be removed by the milling process for white rice...

Has anyone else noticed this?

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I can't eat rice either! I was diagnosed 4 Months ago and I'm still trying to find my safe foods. Currently, I can't think of the intolerance that I might have simply because I'm so inflamed I can't tell. I know for sure I can't eat rice at all! Its makes my body freak and wig out! 

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Rice is starchy.  I've found that I have a LOT of problems with starch in general....potatoes, rice, and I have issues with the gluten-free baked goods due to their use of various starchy ingredients (potato starch, tapioca starch).  I can get by if I eat only small amounts of starchy things, but if I eat more than just a little bit or if I eat such things day after day, I can have problems.  

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