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Genetics, Nutrition, and Stress the Threeway Model of How Gluten Triggers an Immune Reaction in Severely Malnourished IE Vitamin Deficient Individuals



Genetics Nutrition and Stress the Threeway Model of How Gluten Triggers an Immune Reaction in Severely Malnourished

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IE Vitamin Deficient Individuals consuming a High Calorie Diet

This blog post is WTL again....I tried breaking it into to two Posterboy Blog posts but decided to go ahead....

And post it instead as one due to other things IRL that are taking up most of my time these days.....

So thanks in advance to every one who actually completes it! I truly believe it will help everyone who reads it and UNDERSTANDS!

This Posterboy blog post is for everyone  who got lost in the “Forest of Data” and never found their way out!

As I am fond of saying “To Educate is to truly free!” Where there is a free exchange of knowledge there is health

and peace for one’s soul and body!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step….that step back to health for me was my seemingly rare

and not well understood Celiac disease diagnosis…

I then began my journey….to  learn at least what the doctor’s knew about this  diagnosis….and exceed it if I could…

But I got lost in the forest of data….for years…going around in circles…or so it seemed at the time…

See my first attempt to hack/machete my way out of this sad forest (of illness) I was in…


But I soon learned to spot clues as I read more and more studies….trends, patterns…in the data begin to emerge…

one tree (study) at a time…I was able to blaze a trail back out  of the forest…

I can honestly say I am out of the forest now….and by blazing this  trail….I hope I have left enough markers

(IE posterboy blog posts/articles etc.) to help the next person out of this forest of symptom’s…..

I had over focused on every shiny thing I found (individual Vitamin Deficiency one tree at a time)….

I begin to identify each Vitamin (tree of health) in this vast forest…

I  had settled on the 3 alarm fire of Pellagra….I didn’t know how wrong and right I was at the same time…

It would take years to figure this out (as I walked around in circles)….it is what others had concluded before…

The IJCD had concluded the same  thing a couple years earlier…


They confirmed for me…it was possible…

They noted: on how Pellagra occurred in Celiac disease…

Pellagra and celiac disease

“The two diseases can be connected in two aspects. 58% of pellagra patients were shown to have malabsorption

and many had intestinal pathology on biopsies [36, 37]. Alternatively, Pellagra was described in celiac disease [38].

The skin manifestations in pellagra might have some additional etiologies, since multiple nutrient deficiencies

are at the origin of the cutaneous manifestations in celiac disease. The following nutritional deficiencies inducing skin rashes,

were describe in celiac disease: Zinc, Iron, Vitamin A, E, B12, niacin, folate, selenium and essential fatty acids [39, 40].”


So Eureka! I had found what was being misdiagnosed as Celiac disease instead…

58% was good….I was more than halfway there….being right and  wrong all at the same time!

Then I found that there was another disease that explained these connections even better!


Now I had found out what was really causing my problems! I thought…and once again I was right

and wrong all at the same time….

While my aim was dead on….it was nutrients (or lack thereof more correctly)  causing my health problems…

I had become too myopic only seeing individual trees and the not the forest ….for what  it was a healthy place to

live and thrive and fruit for meat and leaves for medicine…

It was all the trees (at least 3 in particular)….together forming a Web of Life…

To pivot from the metaphor to hard science (in real life aka IRL) ….how do know this analogy is true….or truer than not!

To see if this is true we have to dig deep in the forest of data….and see what it tells us…

See this research entitled “Pellagra in the USA: unusual manifestations of a rare entity”


On the surface….it is just as we would suspect…Pellagra is rare in the USA…right only in Alcoholic’s right….

But we if we dig a  little deeper….we learn something from this good research…

Quoting from their abstract…

“They/She had adrenal function testing which revealed adrenal insufficiency. Vitamin testing revealed normal B12

and folate levels but undetectable levels of thiamine, riboflavin and niacin. Her symptoms and signs resolved entirely

with appropriate vitamin supplementation. Niacin (vitamin B3) is essential for multiple metabolic pathways,

and severe deficiency may cause clinical syndrome of pellagra, which is most commonly associated with diarrhoea, delirium and dermatitis.”

Notice the bolded Vitamin Deficiencie(S)….not one deficiency but many deficiencies culminating

the a “Capstone” disease diagnosis….

Now why did this researcher not  say the  patient had Beri Beri (B1 deficiency), or Pellagra Sine Pellagra

(B2 deficiency) instead…they/she had ALL these deficiencies….

Because B-Vitamins don’t occur alone or uncomplicated….so I was right to say I had gone on to develop

(mostly) Pellagra ….except I didn’t  have Skin (dermatitis) problems like DH etc….so I had only developed

Pellagra Sine Pellagra instead…(so far)…

But I had already gone on to develop Thiamine deficiency aka Beri Beri and the doctor’s had already missed it….

So why should  I be surprised they missed me having a Riboflavin deficiency too!

What most people don’t know (even doctor’s) don’t realize today….and I have recently found out that Pellagra

has been incorporated into Celiac disease today…..

Celiac disease is a three alarm metabolic (deficiency syndrome/disease) ramped up by each B-Vitamin you become low in

…..in time…. It is a Cascade….like falling domino’s….one falling triggers the others too fall as well…

Let’s see if there is research to backup this claim….

See this research published before 1950 (15+ years) before DH was associated with Celiac disease….


They show that DH was successfully being treated with Nictonic Acid aka Niacin more than 15 years before 

DH was described in the Skin of Celiac patients…

Quoting from their summary

“In a series of 12 patients with dermatitis herpetiformis of various degrees of severity, the oral administration of niacin

in doses of 50 to 200 mgm. four times daily relieved the pruritus (Itching) and improved the cutaneous manifestations.”


Yet today we exclusively “see” through50+ years of error(s)…having forgotten that DH can be treated with Niacin….

thus confirming a Pellagra diagnosis in a Celiac patient…

It is the third phase (3 alarm stage) of the  Vitamin Deficiencies you have now developed….

Don’t be surprised if the doctor’s don’t see your Vitamin Deficiency even then…

Because in classic genetics….the environment and nutrition is discounted as limited factors….in disease…

But other researchers are now rejecting this myopic view realizing Environment (Viruses etc.) and Deficiencies IE

(Vitamins and Minerals) ALSO play a part in the pathogenesis of disease  in an equal 50/50 mix….

See this 2 year old research that summarizes such an hypothesis entitled…

Reovirus infection triggers inflammatory responses to dietary antigens and development of celiac disease

Here is the link…to this seminal and groundbreaking research…

https://science.sciencemag.org/content/356/6333/44 /tab-e-letters

Where Doctor Leslie M. Klevay , Prof. Emeritus, Department of Internal Medicine University of North Dakota School

of Medicine and Health Sciences says quoting

“In the original classification scheme, Celiac disease would have been considered a toxic deficiency

(3) similar to Wernicke’s encephalopathy in which excessive ingestion of ethanol induces thiamine deficiency.

Now some celiac disease can be considered a three-way cooperation among an infection,

a toxin and a deficiency. Other three- and four-way cooperations have been identified.”

Here is longer and probably better description how Virus's (Environment) or IE Epigenetics could/can

trigger an Genetic disease like Celiac disease...


The research is a couple years old.....also the Epstein Barr Virus has also been associated with Celiac disease.

Dr. Londsdale says we need a “new Model” for Medicine…


I say we need a better one that acknowledges the environment and deficiencies as important or as important as genetics….

Other researchers have noticed the same thing….your environment and deficiencies are not being taken into account for Celiac’s.

See this recent research that says the same thing entitled “Genetic risk factors for disease can be affected by environment”


Not only are genetic risk factors for Celiac disease being affected by your environment….

they are effected by your deficiencies like Thiamine, Riboflavin and Niacin….

We know this because they have been studied (these three B-Vitamins) for toxic overload in Sepsis….

where the Auto-immune system goes haywire and results in death…

See this research in Rats


It will take a few years for this study to be confirmed in humans….while more studies are performed

more people will be dying of  Vitamin Deficiencies….

Despite 8+ years ago Riboflavin has been proven to treat (MADD) disorder resulting in acute Renal Failure….


People still think it is 70/30 genetics or even 80/20  genetics…

Recent research for Celiac disease proves it is no more than 50/50 percent Genetics/Environment

 IE (Vitamins deficiency etc. AKA malnutrition)

It is my hope that clinical practice will quickly catchup with the newest/latest research proving

DNA/Genetics usually has less than 50pct of the risk factors for Celiac disease and accept many

Vitamin deficiencies are prevalent as co-morbidities and need to be addressed before a Valid Celiac

diagnosis can be accepted/confirmed…. See this studied that confirms this in Celiac’s


Where they say quoting

“It is becoming increasingly clear,” explained Wishart, “that the risks for getting most diseases arise

from your metabolism, your environment, your lifestyle, or your exposure to various kinds of nutrients,

chemicals, bacteria, or viruses.”

And though Celiac disease is a disease consider to have a higher genetic factor it is now believed to be

no more than 50% of the risk factor …..as once commonly believed…

quoting again

“There are diseases, however, for which the genetic contribution is about 40–50%. These diseases include

Crohn’s disease, Celiac disease, and macular degeneration.”

But I don’t believe they (doctor’s/Clinicians) will……memory has  a “longtail” of approximately 18 years from new

research reaching clinical practice on average…

Appropriate supplementation is consider a key part of “Aftercare” for Celiac’s ….it needs to be part of appropriate

disease diagnosis (IMHO)….so you don’t continue to suffer from the avoidable and treatable diseases

that often in as many as 80pct of patients are found out Post-Mortem….as is the case in Wernicke Encephalopathy (WE)…

etc.…and it should be NOTED 80% of WE is not diagnosed in Alcoholics…..

it is happening in Celiac’s today and/or passed off as other GI diseases like Chrons, IBS, UC

etc. and psychiatric or neurogenerative diseases today….


see this current research on Thiamine Deficiency and Benfotiamine Therapy in Brain Diseases


You will fell half-dead if you continue to have these deficiencies if they doctor don’t also treat you for these

co-morbidities despite being on a gluten free diet!

I know I did….Ignorance kills!....but It maims us first!

I hope this is helpful but it is not medical advice….

Posterboy by the Grace of God

At this point I am only making one Posterboy blog post....see following/below for more technical studies......

Showing how and why this is true and how the doctor's missed it!

Note to Self::::::))))) Put this a Part 1 of the Blog post and then link the Smoking Gun research on Tryptophan…


IF this analysis is true and a good working Theory and not just a good hypothesis we would find research that

shows Tryptophan is important in the pathogenesis of Celiac disease and new research in 2020 confirmed this analysis.

Celiac.com ran a summary of the research but I will link a good synopsis for others to read for themselves showing

how Celiac’s have impaired metabolism of Tryptophan.


This good synopsis of this working theory shows how Tryptophan speeds gut healing in Celiac IMHO

proving Pellagra is happening in Celiac’s.

I would recommend reading it ALL when you get a chance.


And like most “All” good medical research….they always conclude “more research/study” is needed….

Well people can’t want another 10 or 15 years until this research is again confirmed (and again)

See this research entitled “Kynurenine pathway metabolites in humans: disease and healthy States”


This connection was established at least 10+ years ago….and now we can say for SURE IMHO

that this metabolic breakdown is triggering inflammation in Celiac’s leading, in time, to a Leaky Gut!

Again, I want to say (make note) that the International Journal of Celiac disease aka IJCD first noticed

this connection 5 years ago…will it take another 10 or 15 years before it is “accepted” medical research???

I hope not: but I AM honestly not encouraged!!!

This was meant to be a 2 part blog post….so It doesn’t get too long and too technical…but I have

decided to publish it all at once now that I am working through some other health issues at the moment!

If this is true….there should be studies about these facts….and there is….

I have argued IT is ONE immune system with multiple presentations of the difference Phases of Vitamin Deficiencies….

We see how this works in the LUPUS Inflammation Model

I wrote a Posterboy blog post about these connections….


Here is the recent research it is based on…describing how IL-2 and IL-6 combine to help control the immune system….

We see this Alcoholic’s too…in how Niacin can help Leaky guts…

See this Celiac.com thread about this topic…


And that is exactly what we want to fix in Celiac’s right….well B-Vitamins do that!

And we see B-Vitamins are low in other chronic inflammation GI diseases like IBS, Chron’s and UC…because there is ONE Immune System!

See this research entitled “Blood Concentrations and Renal Clearance of Water-Soluble Vitamins in Outpatients With Ulcerative Colitis”



“The blood concentrations of vitamins B2, C, niacin and folate were markedly lower in the patients with UC

than those in the control group, and the renal clearance of vitamins B1, B6, B12 and folate was notably higher

in the UC cohort. It was concluded that vitamins B2, C, niacin and folate were at significantly lower concentrations

in patients with UC following adjustment for coexisting factors. The lower levels of niacin may be partially due to

impaired reabsorption. Chronic inflammation, common in patients with(my words and/or chrons, IBS etc. and Celiac disease),

with UC may contribute to the lower levels of other vitamins by rendering amino acid and carbohydrate metabolism

into a hypermetabolic state. As the role of vitamins in metabolic activity is constant and pervasive, nutritional management

including the application of water-soluble vitamins appears important for patients suffering from UC.”

It is me again….why wouldn’t we think this would be the same in Celiac’s…..and why I believe the new research

that shows Tryptophan helps heal Celiac Villi is key to  understanding/proving Celiac is Pellagra in disguise in the 21st Century!

It is time testing is done to confirm these same B-Vitamin deficiencies in Celiac’s is all I am saying so the Co-morbidities

can be treated…leaving a true diagnosis…

If not the same Vitamin Deficiencies could be confused for Celiac and you will never be sure if you ever received the proper diagnosis….

I have had to figure this out on my own….this is written so you won’t have t o suffer like I did for year’s going

undiagnosed despite a Celiac diagnosis….

Two front wars are rarely winnable.

Disguise is a great trick of the enemy. For if you get the wrong diagnosis then the symptom’s never getting better and the battle/war rages on.

But What If you have the wrong disease? Would you get better?

This is dedicated to those still suffering who are willing to ask why? am I still suffering GI symptom’s on a Gluten free diet?

Since (auto-immune) or disease in general rarely occur alone it only makes sense to tackle the easiest one’s first.

There are two camps/type of people. (It is true in many things of life).

Supplementing or not to supplement is the 64K dollar question.

The one’s who believes in supplementing readily attack the front (symptom’s) on/from whatever artillery (vitamins and minerals)

they can find to shore up their defenses.

The other camp prefers to hunker/bunker down and wait for reinforcement/symptom’s to get better and the battle/siege to pass.

But in war there is an old saying. “A city besieged is a city taken”.

I know there is a lot of confusion out there. … I have been YOU!

I am just trying to help those who are still suffering (losing the war). For a battle the war was lost. And many battles’ are lost from confusion….

Knowledge is power …..know you have to power to move forward!

It is been said Doctor’s miss Celiac’s in 90% of their patients…


It is equally true about how often Vitamin Deficiency are missed in Celiac’s…

“How could this be? One reason is that even classic Celiac disease symptom, such as abdominal pain,

bloating, gas, diarrhea, anemia and weight losscan mimic other conditions. Less classic symptoms such as fatigue,

low vitamin C, D and calcium levels can be misleading.”

Lupus is known as the great imitator disease. And Celiac or is it Pellagra could be called the same

in 87% of cases if you are lucky.

And so is Beri Beri…


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery —

Unless it is medicine then it is the unkindest cut. . .

How do we know this is true…we can predict that  Pellagra would develop in Sorgen’s disease aka SLE

or LUPUS and it does…where they ask how confident are you of your diagnosis…explaining DH in detail (IF)

you did not know it also described Pellagra instead (Rough Skin)…


Dermatology doctor’s get it because a Niacin deficiency is 90% classically described as a skin disorder first and foremost….

But Beri Beri and Pellagra GI’s problems are a forme fustre of WE’s….FIRST a Thiamine deficiency and finally a Niacin deficiency

when it present’s as DH today!

See this research that explains how the first signs of these Vitamin Deficiencies are GI related…

.entitled“Gastrointestinal Beriberi: A Forme Fruste of Wernicke's Encephalopathy?”


I can only hope what I have shared here has lifted the tide of knowledge a little and your boat/that

has been lifted enough for you to freely sail again.

Learn from my mistakes! No body is so dumb who won’t learn from other people’s mistakes!

A valid I dare say standard “process” of modern/good medicine is the differential diagnosis.

If it is not the doctor has not done justice for you or YOU for yourself . …

A “differential diagnosis” makes more sense.

They have not done YOU justice.  Isn’t that what we all want – to know just what we need to do to get

better that is justice/peace and good medicine.

We are our own best advocate!

I share that other’s may know to look for these Vitamin Deficiencies if you too received a Celiac diagnosis

and the Doctor’s don’t “See” it in your face….like those of nearly 70 years ago who were treated for DH by Niacin(amide)……

15+ years before DH was ever linked to Celiac disease

 Remember **** This is not medical advice and should not be considered such. Results may vary.

Always consult your doctor before making any changes to your regimen.

2 Timothy 2: 7 “Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things” this included.

As I am fond of saying “To Educate is to truly free!” Where there is a free exchange of knowledge there

is health and peace for one’s soul and body!

Let’s all make peace for to educate is to empower to change.

Change is not easy . . especially if you have a bunker mentality I grant . . . but possible with education

for with education comes understanding!

2 Corinthians (KJV) 1:3,4 3) “Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies,

and the God of all comfort; 4) who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them

which are in any trouble (starfish/sufferer), by the comfort wherewith we ourselvesare comforted of God.”

Posterboy by the Grace of God,


We know this is a good working theory because both B1 (Thiamine) and B3 (Niacin) are used in the production of stomach acid.

Quoting from the Celiac.com article on How Low Thiamine Can Thin Villi

How Low Thiamine Can Thin Villi: Old Research Rediscovered and its Clinical Significance in Celiac Disease - Celiac.com

“Via the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) the neurotransmitter "acetylcholine" regulates our organ functions

throughout the body, and could be why both undiagnosed celiac disease and Beri Beri affect so many organs in the body.

Without enough thiamine our body can’t synthesize enough acetylcholine to regulate it’s organs, which may cause the body

to go into high alert mode and trigger a runaway auto-immune reaction like celiac disease. Another study shows a connection

with the microvilli that line organs and how they can trigger auto-immune reactions throughout the body.”

B3 aka Niacin via Histamine is used to trigger stomach acid production and why an H2 Blocker is used to treat stomach

acid issues….and can be used for other immune mediated conditions like allergies etc…

Low Thiamine (B1) triggers the Auto-Immune Cascade….leading to low B2 (Riboflavin) and finally resulting in Low B3 (Niacin)….

who’s production in the body is regulated by Tryptophan via the Knyneurine Pathway and

why Tryptophan recently was shown to help heal Villi in Celiac’s.

And why just over 7 years ago PPIs were shown to be able to trigger a Celiac diagnosis.

Do Proton Pump Inhibitors Increase Risk of Celiac Disease? - Celiac.com

See my previous Posterboy blog post about why this so.

Is there a Type I and Type II Celiac Disease IF so what is your Type: What the Diabetic Model can tell us

about Celiac Disease Subtypes? - Celiac.com

Niacin (B3) and Thiamine both help control the Biofeedback loop in the body and why being low in either one

will trigger an auto-immune cascade!

And Note: it is not just humans who need Thiamine to live/survive ALL animals need it even Bacteria and Fungus.

See this latest research from 2020 entitled "Born to be wild: Fungal highways let bacteria travel in exchange for thiamine"

that shows/explains how Bacteria and Fungi or Fungus use Thiamine as "Currency" along "Life's" highway....


Dr. Lonsdale called Thiamine the "Spark of Life".....I have called it the "Currency of Life"....because your health will be poor without IT!

So we know this is true! Even at the microscopic level!

You will feel half-dead if you continue to have these deficiencies if they doctor don’t also treat you for these

co-morbidities despite being on a gluten free diet!

I know I did….Ignorance kills!....but It maims us first!

Lord willing it has been helpful and will it will help someone before the medical community

catches up with the latest research on the topic.

As always 2 Timothy 2: 7 “Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things” this included.

Posterboy by the Grace of God



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