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The most important page on the website is this one here:  http://glutenpro.com/blog/category/biocard-information/  (talking about Biocard here)


Not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but it is just now being explored by the medical profession as a possible useful screening tool.  Not to say that it has no worth, but just so you realize that the results do have to be confirmed by a doctor since there have heretofore apparently been no peer-reviewed studies as to its accuracy.  Many of our posters swear by it and the results have often been confirmed by serological testing (this is the Biocard fingerprick test).  So keep eating your gluten until you have confirmation if you get a positive. 


As  for the genetics, I have no knowledge.  Enterolab in the US provides genetic testing which is accurate so I have no reason to believe that this company could not produce a pretty accurate genetic result.  But the genetic test only tells you if you have a likelihood of developing the disease; it says nothing about whether you have it or will get it.  Remember that over 30% of the population carry these genes.


So while it is all useful information and can point you in the right direction perhaps, it is not definitive. 


Good luck with your appointment and in getting the diagnosis you need. :)   I wish you good health.

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