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GF Lover

Natural Creams, Lotions And Oil For Skin Care

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I hate putting unnecessary toxins in or on my body.  For my face I use pure coconut oil morning and night.  I have extremely dry skin so it works for those skin types.  You can also blend coconut oil, cocoa butter and olive oil and use that.  I already use an organic toothpaste with no floride.


We have filters in the kitchen at the sink and the ice cubes maker.  We also have them

in our showers.  I probably have reduced about 70% of toxins in my life.


A few places I need help.  I have to use 70 sunscreen everyday.  I use neutrogena for face and body. Lots of toxins there.  And I'm also interested in a creamy body lotion. All natural or homemade.


Hopefully someone will like my ideas and we can keep adding new recipes and products to detoxify us.


I'm looking forward to everything you guys have to offer!!!



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