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You Eat What You Want When You Want To!

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This is exactly what my mother said to me the other day when I turned down an egg containing candy, telling her that I could not eat it.  Oh how I wanted to throttle her!  I got angry and said that I most certainly do not.


Now...  I do have diabetes and there have been times when I have eaten more carbs than I know I should have.  Or just eaten period when I shouldn't have.  But...  You will never catch me eating something that I know will make me sick!  Even if there is a modicum of uncertainty about some food, I will decline it.  I do not like being sick.  And many were the times when I had to suffer through a meal with people all around me munching on things that would make me ill.  And sometimes I wanted those things.  But I would not eat them.  *sniff*


She just kept right on arguing with me about it and then yelling at me that she was not going to argue.  I was sorely tempted to say, "Then why are you doing it?"  But I have said that once before and it didn't bode well for me. 


But what really gets me is that she has food issues herself.  Over the years she has told us that she has allergies or sensetivities or intolerances or whatever she wants to call them at the moment.  And yet she will eat those same foods.  She tells us she can not have tomato.  So she orders food in a Mexican restaurant and tells them to leave off the sauce and the tomatoes.  And then she will go dipping her chips into my pico de gallo, or the salsa and she almost always has a side of gaucamole.  Now perhaps guacamole doesn't always have tomato in it but you can tell by looking at it that this does!  Or she will announce that she won't be eating any eggs and then orders waffles!  She doesn't cook so I think she doesn't really know what ingredients are in what food and just doesn't care. 


But for her to say that I eat something just because I want it?  Oh...  Grrrr!


Foo birds!

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