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Is It Just Me, Or Are Others Not Able To Copy And Paste Links?

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I just don't have much computer knowledge or typing ability to overcome this difficulty.  ON another forum my slides of eye problems were greatly received, but somehow the connection didn't work here, so it was useless.


I copy and when I try to paste, it doesn't print it.  I can click somewhere else and have it print out, but not on the forum. 



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Copying and pasting links is often problematic. It has nothing to do with where you are pasting to, but the copy. Browsers may display a shortened version of a long url, or may be displaying something other than the actual url, like "click here."

To copy a link, right click on it. A short menu will appear. Select:

Copy link address (Chrome)

Copy Link Location (Firefox)

Copy Shortcut (Explorer)

Copy Link (Safari)

The complete, correct url is now on you clipboard, ready to paste.

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Hi Diane,


Copying and pasting works fine for me with Mozilla Firefox..


You can also use control C to copy and control V to paste.

That's how I pasted the link to this thread below:




Maybe you should run a virus scan on your PC?  Malware Bytes has a free version that is worth downloading and trying.

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A spinning circle sounds like what you get when your computer is "working" on something.  Either your internet connection is slow or overwhelmed with users or your computer might have eaten some gluten (run a malware program to try to fix that).


We have found that this forum doesn't always work as well with Internet explorer.  Google chrome seems to work better.

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