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First Time Being Glutened Or ... ?

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Hi everyone :)

So I am gluten free since November 1st. I don't know how much time it usually takes before you start to feel better, but I started immediately feeling better and have more energy. For the first three weeks I was feeling very good. Then I had a few days of training where I had to eat outside and even with all the precautions I started having symptoms again, and now for the last few days I feel very tired and I sleep a lot, and just not feeling very good overall. I was wondering, do you think I was glutened, or my body is just not ''healed'' yet, because I've been gluten free for a few weeks only? I just wanted to share this with you because this makes me feel very depressed and frustrated right now...



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At this early point in your recovery, there is no way to know for sure if you are glutened or f it was just a blip in your recovery.  The first 6 months gluten-free can have a bunch of ups and downs.  When you feel poorly it is always a good idea to recheck all of your food labels and recheck for cc, but if you find no gluten culprits, the you know it's just part of your recovery... Recheck those labels though, most of us made more mistakes early on until we learned what brands were safe.


You might want to consider dairy too. About half of all celiacs are lactose intolerant when they are diagnosed.  That often changes as you heal, but many of us find it helpful to drop dairy for 6 months or so.


Hope you feel better soon.


"Acceptance is the key to happiness."

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I was exactly in the same situation (felt a lot better, then went down) 2 months ago, except I know I was glutened. I still feel bad, even though I stopped everything which could have gluten in it, but I haven't dropped dairy (might be the reason now that I think about it, as I'm eating soyjoy snacks which are not dairy free).

Pretty hard, and I really know how you feel. But I guess we have no choice but to wait.

Can't give you much advice, as I'm a "beginner" as well, but I just wanted you to know you're not the only one feeling that way, if that can be of any help ^^

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I had 4 days of great bliss after going gluten free followed by trouble.  I now think it was due to cross contamination of things I was using for the family.  It also likely was cleanout.  Hang on, learn as you are trying to do.  My lowest lows have often been followed by my highest highs.  Don't give up!



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