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Does celiac disease cause severe bone pain?

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Wheatwacked, Suzisqueue, and others,

PLEASE get checked for low thiamine (erythrocyte transketolase test)!!!


Celiac Disease causes the Thiamine transporters to malfunction.  Thiamine transporters allow thiamine into the body's cells to make energy so they can function properly.  More thiamine than usual is needed to turn the transporters back on.

Low thiamine can manifest itself in many different ways because everyone is different.  Low thiamine can effect differently depending on the organs most affected.  

Low Thiamine can be caused by malabsorption due to Celiac Disease damage to the small intestine, higher metabolic need because of inflammation due to illness, stress, physical activity, exposure to heat and humidity, and psychological stress (thinking requires lots of energy production in the brain).

Low Thiamine in the pancreas results in poor secretion of digestive enzymes, insulin, etc.  

Thiamine helps keep intestinal bacteria in check.  Low thiamine results in SIBO.  Intestinal Bacterial absorb thiamine, depriving you of the much needed vitamin.

Without enough thiamine, the sheath covering nerves is damaged and your brain registers this as pain.

Thiamine is needed to turn off the fight or flight response of the adrenal glands resulting in adrenal fatigue and other adrenal gland problems.  

Eating a diet high in carbohydrates can deplete thiamine.  This is called high calorie malnutrition.

High carbohydrate diet and low thiamine


Thiamine deficiency can result in gout.

This article describes juvenile arthritis, but it can be applied to adults as well....


Spinal degeneration in thiamine deficiency.... dogs can be thiamine deficient as well.....


Adrenal dysfunction


SIBO and Thiamine....





I was thiamine deficient.  I took high dose thiamine as Dr. Lonsdale recommended and have improved dramatically! 

Hope this helps!

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On 7/20/2020 at 8:11 AM, amitlko22 said:

Is there any doctor in the group who may lead us to solution of this bone pain issues. I am 38 and have been diagnosed with celiac disease three years back. Till then i am following strict gluten free diet .However, I am not able to get painless hour in my life Everyday a new part of my body is in pain even the jaw hand shoulder, knee wrist , fingers. It's not only painful but it is throwing me out of my life . I am supposed to earn and be support to others and after every sleep i get a new pain. I stayed alone for two years and the pains were very less since i have moved in my parents house everyday from past three months i am suffering. They started eating rice to avoid cross contamination yet .... 
My mom is 70 and diagnosed with celiac disease once she has CKD and CLD. (suffering)
I get the pain by touching or inhaling the gluten as well or by touching the surface where someone had some food full of gluten. It's too much to ask from a family . 
I am getting severe pains its piercing pain with lot of heat inflammation around.  

Please discuss with me if you have any of the following (since all doctors just keep mum at questions).
 Gets Muscular / Bone pain by touching or inhaling the Gluten ?
Home remedy / any solution / Medicine - please suggest. 

I had bone pain and muscle pain. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Yeah my fibers hurt. Move onto emergency appendectomy. Noticed I felt worse after high gluten or potatoes. Went gluten and nightshade free. Wala no more bone pain. Could get out of bed without crying out from foot pain. And al the rest, brain fog all over aches. Other issues croppped up but, ALL go back to diet for dealing with it. Dr. Paganos worked for me.

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