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This is my first post so forgive me if it is not correct.  I was recently diagnosed with Celiac's disease and I tried several gluten free beers.  I found out that I cannot tolerate sorghum.  I woke up twice screaming in pain after drinking these beers.  It felt like someone was stabbing me.  I am trying to find beers brewed with other grains, such as rice, millet or buckwheat that are OK for Celiac patients. 

The other problem is actually getting any beers that would be promising.  I live in Wisconsin so there are some west coast brews that are not available here.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks...…...

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There are some pretty good Certified gluten free beers out there.  My fav is Ground Breaker brewed in Oregon.  My local liquor store (CA) carries it.  


But.....you are just newly diagnosed.  Anything you eat can wreak havoc on your sore gut (intestines, liver, etc.). Can you wait a few more weeks before drinking?  If not, try some wine until you can find a good local gluten-free beer that has never been in contact with rye, barley or wheat.  

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Being sensitive to sorghum rules out Redbridge.

I have tried and enjoy Omission beers.  I'm a cheap light beer in a can kind of guy, and my go to is Omission Ultimate Light Golden Ale I think it's called.  Omission does use regular beer ingredients and then does something to remove gluten during the brewing process.  Please read about them at their site: https://www.drinkomission.com/

While in Europe last year, I also enjoyed Peroni's gluten-free beer as well as Estrella Galacia's gluten-free beer.  Not sure if either are available in the US, however.

Back to Omission -- I think the jury is still out on whether or not Omission beer is safe for celiac patients to drink.  My experience is only anecdotal, to be sure.  I'm one of the people who have celiac disease but suffer no discomfort nor other noticeable symptoms if I ingest gluten.  I rely on blood work to determine how well I am adhering to a gluten-free diet -- and my blood work got better and better in the years following my diagnosis to the point where my antibody tests now come back negative, or very, very low.  While not definitive, my experience with Omission *seems* to be that it is safe for me.

Best to you as you navigate this new journey.  Learn everything you can, and keep notes if you need, you know "this good, that bad" kind of stuff.

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Omission beer makes me sick.  But people have varying levels of sensitivity to gluten.  So it may be ok for you.

White Claw makes some flavored seltzer waters with alcohol that are gluten free.  Not like a beer but in a can at least.

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I have no problems with Ghostfish gluten-free beer. I don't know if it contains sorghum, you can contact them and ask. Even my gluten eater friends were pleasantly surprised. They are certified gluten-free, dedicated gluten-free facility. They are always announcing distribution to more states. You can also mail order now. If you come to the Seattle area, they have the best gluten-free fish n chips.



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