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Do you stick to gluten-free cosmetics?

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I remember my dr telling me that gluten is too large to pass through the skin so I didn’t need to worry about lotions, shampoo, makeup etc being gluten free unless I was putting it on my lips. Have any of you found you still had symptoms from using non-gluten-free products? I was struggling with a bumpy genital rash (looked like DH) for about a month and then as soon as I stopped using a mild soap around the area it’s started going away within days. I had what I thought was acne on my shoulders and chest but that started going away too as soon as I stopped using those body washes that contained wheat protein. 

I’m good about sticking to a gluten-free diet and didn’t have much of the stomach issues even before diagnosis but I’m recently starting to understand DH. I think I always assumed it was acne, eczema, or some other sort of dermatitis but I’m realizing now there may be a connection there to the products I’m using. I’m also going to try eliminating gluten-free oats from my diet as I understand many also have issues with those

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Since there are now so many gluten-free cosmetic choices available, I recommend that all celiacs should switch over to them, regardless of what some "experts" say. This recommendation won't hurt you, and MANY on this forum have reported issues with gluten in their cosmetic products, especially those with DH, so it may help you.

You might find this topic helpful:


Scott Adams

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Absolutely gluten free... as the doc that diagnosed me said... ear, nose, and  mouth all lead to the stomach.  Ever wash your hair and not get water in your ears or eyes, or even mouth?  Wash your face and not get some in there?  Scratch your arm and then maybe pull a hair out of your mouth or rub your eyes?  Body lotions and hair conditioners can have oats, or wheat protein, which would not be good. 

I know I'm extra careful, but at least I know that when I think I've been glutened, it's not because I wasn't super vigilent. 

I love Andalou face, hair, and body.  Sign up for their newsletter and they have discounts regularly.  Also, Red Apple Lipstick is great, they have other cosmetics which are really nice and simple, a great company.

For me, if it's not marked gluten free, I'm not getting near it.


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