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Child Going Casein Free

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Hang in there! Rice dream makes a frozen dessert that is gluten free. Orange Vanilla Swirl. What state do you live in? They are available from Azure Standard. I have not seen them in the stores around here but it doesn't mean they aren't somewhere. I don't know which health food stores carry them.

Soy can cause intestinal problems just like gluten so be careful with that. Have you tried almond or hazelnut milk. Both are made by Pacific Foods but others do make almond milk.

Have you tried Envirokids Panda Treats. They aren't chocolate but my kids love them. We usually eat carob. Carob powder mixed with coconut oil, pinch of sugar and tad of rice milk is pretty good. We can't eat the barley sweetened carob chips anymore. My kids also like carob powder sprinkled over rice dream frozen dessert. That treat is also really good with peanut butter and carob powder. I have also discovered that chocolate chips, which we thought we could move over to, has soy lecithin in it also.

We've got to find other treats that he can get excited about!

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