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I'm pretty sure Jason's clearly lists all sources of gluten. I think that one is safe (I use it sometimes).

"Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food." - Hippocrates

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Does anyone know if Jason's Sea Fresh Toothpaste is gluten free? I emailed them a while ago and haven't received a reply. Thank you very much.

The Sea Fresh toothpaste is gluten, soy and dairy free!! I just contacted them recently about a few things, and here is what they sent me:

Dear Katie,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding our Jason Product. We apologize for the delay in our reply and appreciate your patience. We strive to maintain the highest quality products and we appreciate your patronage.

Here is a list of Jason Products containing Gluten - Always review the labels, since this information can change.

Hand & Body Therapy Lotions MAY contain gluten.

Review label for Oat Starch

All Hair Care Products

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

All Body Powders

Hydrolyzed Oat Protein

Satin Soap for Hands and Face & Vitamin E Oil 5000 IU

Wheat Germ oil

I'm sorry, we do not have a listing of soy free products - or products that contain soy. Many times you can find ingredients on the online retail sites, such as www.drugstore.com or www.vitacost.com

Thank you for your continued support of Jason Natural Products. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us at 1-877-JASON-01 (527-6601), Monday through Friday from 7AM - 5PM Mountain Time.



Consumer Relations Representative

Ref # 1522873


Gluten free since July 2005

Lactose Free since 1994

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Dairy free since September 2007

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