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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?


I Feel Sooo Guilty : (

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i just basically polished off a packaged of kinnitoo's cookies (like oreos), and had a LOT of champagne, pizza and crap all weekend.

i need to get back on track and have such an issue staying full and eating protein and fiber with this gluten and egg-free diet! any help?

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It's already done, there's no point in beating yourself up over it. Just say you had a feast weekend and start again tomorrow. Does wonder when you give yourself permission to eat. :)

I'm basically following the same diet... no eggs or gluten. Load up on veggies, lean meats and fruits. For a "treat", I like to make a green smoothie with any kind of fruit and a handful or two of greens (any... although I like spinach). You can put yogurt or kefir in it, if you can tolerate dairy. It's creamy and sweet, yum! If you are having problems with getting enough fiber, the fruit and veggies will help, or you can add some kind of bran to the smoothie or your foods. I am currently using rice bran, which I'll add to beans, or juice, or a smoothie. It has a mild taste, nothing objectionable, so it goes well mixed in something.

Hope that helps! Don't be so hard on yourself... you can't go through life depriving yourself. It's good to splurge every now and then!


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OK I am not one to try to shoot advice because I have been known for my ability to totally pig out....but, I am on a new health kick and this is what I do. (It works for me)

It gets preachy after a little while but go to calorieking.com and u can find exact cals for everything u put in your mouth (if it doesnt have a label or whatever) I count out 200-300 calorie meal/snacks I eat about 5-6 times a day. I know what u mean about not staying full but, your body needs to train itself to eat a little...get it absorbed and digested....then ready to eat again. That process takes about 3 hours max. Small meals of at least 200 calories w/the help of the website will definately help you but you have to stick to it! Also, healthy choices for those mini meals will help u stay full and motivated...

In this adventure what I have found to be my best trick is whenever I eat a carb....suchc as fruit or grains...I ALWAYS eat it with protein. I know you cant do eggs so try something like a yogurt w/walnuts as a breakfast. Always eat about 30 min after you wake up b/c it keeps your body trained to eat and will help u control yourself at lunch. W/breakfast try drinking warm water w/ lemon...I have heard this helps get things moving in there. Also, coffee is bad if your a coffee drinker b/c it increases stress on the body which leads to more belly fat...so replace that (if u do) with the lemony water.

After 2 hours grab a apple w/peanut butter...love that! Drink a ton of water....at least your weight divided by two (in ounces) I carry a refillable bottle and am constant w/it so i dont feel when im hungry...i just go off of clock work. Lunch time try a salad w/chicken or tuna...light dressing and whatever veggies in there...u can really make that fun and flavorful. I promise its fillling too!!! If u want a snack before dinner do a soyjoy bar or some granola even. Dinner....meat w/veggies and a little rice...you should divide your plate this way....one half should be covered in greens/veggies....1/4 protein and 1/4 starch like rice or potato or whatever u like. Dont deprive yourself of your junk serving....your last snack of the day is your junk snack. That can be 2 cookies or a glass of wine...whatever your pleasure just dont overdo it. This way your not tempted to devour it all...try dividing servings into little baggies so you know when you should be and feel done.

Ok...the stuff thats worked best for me is the constant water and PROTEIN its the only thing that keeps me full and its ironic b/c I dont even like the taste really but im getting used to it.

My biggest thing was night eating too.....to put and end to that and do a daily workout routine I began doing this 20 min yoga routine....its not intense but it gets you going and after a workout I never want to eat...so thats another thing u can try. Oh, and stay out of the kitchen...clean out your closet or organize your desk this week while your trying this little health trick of mine and you will find it much easier!!

Ok-good luck. PM me if you need more help but you really learn what works for u as u go!


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those last suggestions were great.

here's a typical day:

breakfast - coffee. i know, i know. i go to the gym in the morning and go straight to work so dont really have 'time' to eat anything. most of the time, what i have been doing lately is eating some grapes after i workout to get a fruit in me, etc. i wish i could eat an apple but i just found out (along with melons and bananas) that i am allergic to them.

lunch - i sometimes eat fage 0% with fresh strawberries and some flax seed. or i make a piece of grilled chicken with avacado. never both though. i generally have green beans or a pepper with either one of these.

dinner - grilled fish or chicken with veggies

dessert - always wine. generally white.

not too many grains. i was going to introduce quinoa but have never had it before.

i love my coffee - is there anything i can drink in the am to sub? maybe like tea?

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Maybe you're binging on carbs like that because you're not getting enough.

How about rice? Potatoes (regular or sweet)?

For breakfast, how about a smoothie? I use undenatured whey protein powder, water, with berries for mine. It's also good for the protein after you work out. Whole Foods/Wild Oats will make them for you.

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how is quinoa for breakfast as far as protein goes? i have never tried it before.

I have never tried quinoa for breakfast before. I usually do some Buckwheat Maple Flakes w/rice milk for breakfast. But, to be fair, I work for my mom, and I can pretty much snack whenever I want.

But, I've had quinoa for lunch/dinner. It's pretty good. I would either google quinoa breakfast recipes or go to somewhere like food network and search there for some breakfast recipes. I have also seen a few posters here who eat quinoa for breakfast, maybe you can make a separate post and ask. I hate to lecture on breakfast, but that's part of my job... so, it's VERY important. Research has shown that people who successfully keep off extra weight eat breakfast. It gets your metabolism going first thing which keeps it 1)stable and 2)high. And protein is great, but so are carbs, especially if you work out regularly. They are the preferred brain food, and complex carbs are filling and give you energy. Just make sure you eat the right kinds, and you will be in good shape. SO, eat whatever you WILL eat for breakfast. Smoothies are very portable... :)

Staci gave some great suggestions. Apple and pbutter are always filling, and make sure you drink lots of water. Sometimes when we think we're hungry, we're really just thirsty.

BTW, you need to eat more!

Sorry to sound so preachy, but this is kind of what I do most days... give fitness/nutrition support. Hope that helps! :)


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I love earl grey tea with alittle milk and splenda to replace my coffee. Its the feeling of coffee that I think is what you might miss the most so you have to give yourself a chance to get used to it...I love it and everyone at my work drinks coffee allllll day long so I have to keep my mind preoccupied. I just pretend. :)

Liz, my boyfriend is a personal trainer and life coach so I am familiar but never ever took interest haha..now that I am "in the mood" for it I have learned a lot but I am so interested in your suggestions too. I like everything he had to tell me but I REALLY had to figure it out for myself. Its weird how everyone is so different like that..for me I can sort of do a mind association. My trick is when I crave sweets I make myself do some cardio at the gym or my yoga tape (if im at work I load up on water) but its interesting now I hardly think of sweets because I immediately make myself run some laps and I hate running so its almost vanished!! Dont get me wrong I never deprive myself of things I want but I was eating so many refined and natural sugars before I had to make a big cut...so Im feeling much better and fuller w/my protein now. Anyway, Im kind of getting into it and am thinking about a shake in the morning because I know I need protein before and after my work out but dont know what brand or how to have it. LEt me know if u can help.


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Yeah, the trick is to find what works for you. Working out is as much mental as it is physical, when you know you are doing something great for yourself, it makes eating better a little easier. (For me anyway!) There are a million diets out there, and some are really bad. Balance is a good thing.

You sound very well informed, so stick with what works for you. Having a personal trainer around is, I'm sure, a big help, or an annoyance, pick one. :) lol The key is moderation. The eating small meals all day is soooo true. Keeps your metabolism on track.

I generally do not feel guilty about anything "whole" that goes into my body. I go crazy trying to count cals and such, but food journals are a proven way to lose weight. So I try to eat fresh fruits, veggies and lean meats. I really have never been a huge sweet eater, but I do enjoy my share of chocolate! My downfall is probably beer... LOVE IT! So I try to be careful...

As for the shake, you could make your own. I'm not big into those powders, they taste a little off. Make a green smoothie with yogurt, kefir, or silken tofu (if you can tolerate those things): a handful or two of greens, (i prefer spinach) apples,bananas, blueberries, blackberries, whatever kind of fruit you want. You might need to put some water in it to thin it out. You can pretty much put whatever you want to in it... experimenting with it is half the fun!!!

Stay healthy!!!!

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