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Krogers Mislabeled Ice Cream- Warning

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i got this from someone in the support group and I thought I would pass it along:

"I bought Kroger Deluxe Butter Zinger ice cream b/c it was labeled

gluten free. After we had already tried it, I read the ingredients

and found they included malt. I called Kroger and they said it was

mislabeled and was NOT gluten free. They returned my money plus some

($5 rebate). Can you please share this information with our group

just in case any one else purchased it without checking the ingredient

list first. Danielle did not have a reaction to the one bowl of it

she had, so it must be a very small amount of gluten as she's usually

pretty sensitive to it.



Mom of 4 beautiful girls (the 2 youngest are only 10 months apart!)
Diagnosed with Celiac disease on November 8, 2006; gluten-free as of 12-1-06.

DD#2 13 years old; diagnosed on November 28, 2006. gluten-free as of 12-7-06.
DD#3 9 years old; diagnosed through blood work in October 2006. Gluten-free as of mid-November and doing GREAT!!
DD#4 8 years old; had a scope done on 6-22-07 (at 14 months old) and the dr saw stomach ulcers, but all test results were negative. GI dr told us to put her on the gluten free diet anyway. She is gluten free as of 6-22-07.

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Wow...thanks for the warning!


"Life isn't about how to survive the storm

but how to dance in the rain."

Positive bloodwork 1/9/06

gluten-free since 1/12/06

Very positive dietary response

DS (12 years old)

Biopsy 7/7/06 ~ Diagnosed Celiac 7/12/2006

gluten-free since 7/15/2006

DD (almost 6)

HLA-DQ2 positive

Celiac Bloodwork negative 2 different times

Still eating gluten for now.

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I know it sounds weird, but barley never caused a bad reaction in me either. I never intentionally ate it, but a long time ago, Quaker had these ricecakes called Cracker Jack. They probably still do. Anyways, at the time, unbeknowst to me, they had 2 different Cracker Jacks. I knew the Cracker Jacks ricecakes were gluten-free, but I didn't realize there were 2 of them...I had been buying the wrong one, and it contained barley. My sister caught my mistake, and we were both shocked that I didn't have any symptoms to the barley, not that it wasn't doing any harm, I just didnt react. Sad huh?

I'm glad you found it...thanks for informing others!


Long Island, NY

Double DQ1, subtype 6

We urge all doctors to take time to listen to your patients.. don't "isolate" symptoms but look at the whole spectrum. If a patient tells you s/he feels as if s/he's falling apart and "nothing seems to be working properly", chances are s/he's right!

"The calm river of your life approaches the rocky chute of the rapids - flow on through. You are the same water. The rocks cannot hurt you. Remember, now and then, that you are the water and not the boat. Flow on!

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wow, if we didn't already have enough motivation to read the ingredients obsessively!

I seem to react even more to barley than to wheat (my aha! moment was a bad and immediate reaction to barley soup). Maybe literally diving into the barley bins (like an indoor open silo) as a kid at my cousins' farm had something to do with this?

gluten-free (except unintentionally) from 7 Dec 2007

3 gluten-free cousins and counting (1 gold standard, 1 pos blood/no endo, 1 self/dietary diagnosed)

suspect mother was celiac (also, cousin suspects my mother's twin is celiac)

Feb 08 testing 'normal range' for gluten antibodies, IBD and food allergies

Staying off gluten - dietary reaction is compelling for me!

"Hi, I'm the gluten-free diner at your table."

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good to know!

I also react to barley worse than wheat...my reaction ever pre DX came from a sandwhich on rye bread with barley soup...can you say gluten overload? but barley def. makes me sickest. however I have a celiac friend who has almost no reaction to barley (confirmed by bloods and repeat endo) and intentionally eats a little sometimes (not that I condone this or think this is a good idea!!!! I would NEVER try it!)

Gluten Free since 10/07

Mildly Lactose Intolerant, slight intestinal symptoms after eating milk products, but easily corrected with lactase enzyme

Endometriosis- DX'd 5/07

Gluten Antibodies- "negative"...don't know exact numbers, am highly suspicious...

DXed celiac 12-19-07 via genetics/elimination diet- DQ2 allele

Brother with Celiac, aspergers...his tests were all negative (he didn't have genetics done), including endoscopy, but he definitely is at the least gluten intolerant...highly suspect my mother has it as well- she has hyperthyroid, fibromyalgia, hemochromatosis, and now colon cancer, and she has been weak and exhausted and just generally sick. She's going to get tested.

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