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Gfcf, Soy Free, Nut Free, And Now Post Mono Fatigue!

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Okay, I just have to vent! My son was diagnosed with Celiac almost 6 months ago. In that six months we have had to cut out not only gluten but nuts, soy, and casein because he has been intolerant and has had continuing issues. Fortunately his ttg levels are great now, so no gluten is getting in. The last 6 weeks or so he's been regularly fatigued, with headaches and nausea. We had another huge round of blood tests run to check for vitamin deficiencies, allergies, etc. All came back normal except that his blood sugar was slightly elevated and his blood also showed he had mono at some point (without my knowledge). His doctor said it's a possibility he had it in June, which he did have a sore throat for about a week in June which turned into Laryngitis. So.....dealing with continued fatigue from mono, I guess, after dealing with regular fatigue from the Celiac, and I can't get enough calories in him because of all the diet restrictions, and he's an adolescent boy who needs the calories!!!! I just want my vibrant, energetic, happy child back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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