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Fish Oil Supplements 'Beat Psychotic Mental Illness'

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Here is snippet from an article on BBC News. They say that fish oil supplements can help reduce onset of psychotic mental illness.

Fish oil supplements 'beat psychotic mental illness'

A three-month course of the supplement appeared to be as effective as drugs, cutting the rate of psychotic illness like schizophrenia by a quarter.

The researchers believe it is the omega-3 in fish oil - already hailed for promoting healthy hearts - that has beneficial effects in the brain.

Dr Paul Amminger and his team followed the groups for a year to see how many, if any, went on to develop illness.

Two in the fish oil group developed a psychotic disorder compared to 11 in the placebo group.

Based on the results, the investigators estimate that one high-risk adult could be protected from developing psychosis for every four treated over a year.

They believe the omega-3 fatty acids found in the supplements may alter brain signalling in the brain with beneficial effects.

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I have read some studies that link the gluten free diet as an effective treatment of schitzophrenia too. Diet should be the first line of treatment for any disorder. IMO

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81 people isn't a very good sample size. Most research surrounding schizophrenia points to it being hereditary - particularly twin studies. Therefore changing a person's diet really wouldn't reduce a person's chances of actually having schizophrenia, however the omega-3 may reduce the symptoms. (Which is what the medications do, as well.)

There is some research on omega-3 helping fight depression. There is a teeny bit of research on omega-3 and ADHD. And, of course, it helps cholesterol. I always caution people to watch out for mercury in any fish oil.

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