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Cd People W/ Acid Reflux & Gastritis

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Anyone else out there feel like a fire-breathing dragon some days? I do not always have the actual burping and such, but sometimes just the gases coming up make my throat and mouth feel hot and like I touched them with hot pepper.

I also go through periods of time where I am sooo thirsty. I sip or drink a lot. After supper, I start to feel really yucky. Then, sometime later in the evening I will throw up everything I ate all day long. It is so frustrating. Once it is all out, I will feel better.

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I noticed a lot of posts here seem to deal with treating an attack with taking something internally..What I do when I have an attack and my small bowel goes into a partial or full obstruction is to stop taking anything internally at all, including the skipping of the next meal or even going 24 hours without eating..

I get on the floor on one side and place a medicine ball to the left of my belt buckle and rotate my body toward the floor a touch to add pressure to the small colon area..It will relieve the reflux feeling faster than any medication..

I experiment with the ball on the opposite side as well to see which works the best.

My medicine ball is never far from where I sleep..Sure beats any drugs and side effects that they cause.

I have even placed ice bags along my gut to help shrink the swelling and I add pressure...Many of you might be getting partial obstruction in your small bowel that will push everything back up, leaving you to think that GERD is the problem when it might not be.

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I have controled my acid reflux by watching what I eat. No more Nexium. I stay away from dairy, soy, potatoes and other heavy starch foods and sugar because of the acid reflux I get when I eat them. But I would rather do that than take meds - and they don't always help my acid reflux, anyways. I also eat more veggies and salads to make sure the ph is more balanced. It has really helped.

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The medicine ball is about the size of a basketaball only a little larger..It is inflated but not to the extent that a basketball is..

When I lie down I put it against the side of my body right next to my hip in contact with my body. Think of a grape being squeezed..As I turn my gut grips the ball and I climb on it partially while the ball is held still and squeezed, cradled by my arm..The pushing feeling is the same one a doctor gives you, only more so and for a longer period...I will sleep with it at times for the entire night..

A lot of times I can roll the ball back and forth across my abdomen and get results..It makes a good massage before supper at times..

When I get obstructions I will push it up against my belt buckle as I roll, using the belt buckle and ball for more leverage and pressure that can go deeper into the small bowel region..

Hope this helps..

Athletes use medicine balls quite often..especially baseball players..

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I had horrible heartburn that would extend into my whole chest!I didn't know what was going on. I also had terrible attacks with overwhelming anxiety( with vomiting and diarrhea and palpitations). :( I also have MVP.( its the mildest form, no worries).

This doctor at the alternative clinic tested me for helicobacter pylori bacteria and I had it! :o It burrows down into the stomach wall and causes little ulcers. I had to be on two kinds of antibiotics for two weeks along with ten pepto tablets daily(which acts like a third antibiotic). The heartburn went away. I just did another test for it and hopefully its gone for good. I have always had a sensitive stomach so I'm wondering how long I had it. The doctor said the gluten problem predisposed me to getting other infections.

Hope this helps,

June :D

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Guest BellyTimber

Clarification - in the light of a controversy in the UK at the moment about protease, I checked this site and got useful info. Thanks!!!

Looking back I was lucky to not be adversely affected by the protease. I would probably have been benefitting from the other enzymes and also the HCl+Pepsin.

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